DAY 22: Change The Old Mentality; No Knowledge is a Waste

“No knowledge or skill is a waste it could save you from ignorance and unnecessary expenses.” – Saminu Abass Ola

I thought I could start the last phase of the series today but I would need to still discuss the skills/talents/knowledge again.

A reader I engaged lamented about his status as hindrances to learn new skills. You should know financial element involves when it comes to learning. We had a short but meaningful discussion. Therefore, I will use. tonight’s Piece to state at least two sites where you can learn skills or knowledge.

There is this one African or should I call it Nigeria mentality that if I teach you something for free you won’t value it, in essence, you need to pay to get knowledge. Well, I may agree partly to this but also disagree.

I have attended many free vocational skills both offline and online. Even yesterday I enrolled in a free mini-importation class. Though there are some knowledge or skills you need to pay for. I will also let you know I have and can use my last penny to learn a new thing I know will add value to my life.

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No much words tonight, I just want to highlight two websites you can visit to learn and add values to your life. YouTube as a Google Product can be seen as an ocean of resources. However, if you are not a fan of Youtube, there are these two sites you can go to grab knowledge.

The two sites are;

These two sites are great resources to learn varieties of knowledge. Think of anything you could describe as a skill or knowledge you will find the video tutorial on those sites. Note this, there are video tutorials and classes websites, sometimes during the course, you could get materials and needed software from your tutors.

The first time I had about Coursera and Udemy was at Oduduwa Hall, OAU, Ile Ife during a programme organized by my department. The accounting summit was graced by a madam that gave out the sites and trust me we all rushed to register on those sites that same day since OAU is blessed with Internet facility. What happened after that day, laziness took over, I am sure anyone visited the sites again.

I never knew I would get back to the sites again. In the process of learning new things as a blogger and making money online, I got back to Udemy again. I can tell you Udemy has been a blessing to me. Unlimited resources you can’t exhaust.

I would emphasize on Udemy, there are both Paid and free courses on the site. If you are not financially strong to pay for a course you can filter the search box to look for the free. I would advise paying for the course you know will benefit you. They are not that costly.

You can learn almost everything on Udemy. Even the course you spent 4 years in University can be summarized in a video tutorial course on Udemy and you also get a certificate. The tutors are experts in their various fields.

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Visit the site, register and search for courses then subscribe to take the course. If you don’t have money, search for free tutorials and you will see thousands there.

No knowledge is a waste. It makes you a distinct being among others. You will be seen as a light. Learn things to develop yourself. Learn new skills or knowledge of other fields, be versatile. It helps and saves you from embarrassment and unnecessary costs.

To be continued…


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