DAY 17: Change The Old Mentality; Playing Smart in any Business

“No matter how easier it is, don’t cheat the game.”

“Playing smart and safe in any business is the key to success.”Saminu Abass Ola

We are let to believe no matter how smart you are you can’t cheat the nature. I think this proverb doesn’t work in this country.

Today would mark the penultimate article on online business sites by God’s grace if more questions are not raised. I think I have done justice to all questions I got from readers. Don’t forget the rules of any business you are doing. There are rules to all games.

Don’t be limited by mere excuses of I don’t know how to start. Don’t keep wasting your monthly Data bundle on memes and negativity on social media.

Yesterday, during the CDS as a routine on Wednesdays in the city I served. A gentleman corps member came to our group to pass information. He passed flyers around, I checked and I saw learn Web Designing, Photography, Editing etc for N10,000 and the duration is one week.

A lady not far from me told the guy a whole N10,000 just for a week. Will I know everything within a week? I smiled and was shaking my head. The problem was not the knowledge but the money involved. The fact is she can’t be taught everything perfectly. Also, she doesn’t want to learn and improve herself. The mindset of a lazy Nigeria youth.

Recently, I bought a course after pleading for days from a guy. How to make money from a site. It is a site you will register, post articles or videos and get paid even if you copied the videos or articles from somewhere. That’s why I said, there are rules to all games. I knew the sites but there are rules to follow to earn without much stress.

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The site is Topbuzz if you are a blogger, freelancer or online guru you will understand better. A few weeks ago, Nigerians came up with tricks to beat the internal system of the Topbuzz, they earn $50-$100 per day. When the time for payment arrived, Topbuzz detected the dirty game and banned all the accounts involved. This is one of the ways some Nigerians are denting the flag of this country. They may disallow Nigerians to join soon.

As I am talking, you can also join by visiting and earn for just posting videos and articles there. Simple trick money for the site, download comic videos or trending videos and post it. Sit down and see your earnings accumulating. In short, know the rules of the game as well.

Finally, for tonight, a reader asked about importation. Well, the little I can say about this, the majority of sellers you see on Jumia or any Nigeria online shopping sites buy goods from and charge you double or three times the price on Jumia or other sites.

If you are interested to go into importation business, visit the sites above to see the prices and you will be amazed. Moreover, don’t jump into the game, learn the rules of the importation too.

You have an insight on many things. Your eye has been opened to some new things. Try to lay hands on few if not all.

Nigerians economy can be boosted by you even at the four corners of your room.

To be continued…


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