DAY 28: Change The Old Mentality; Power of Social Media Platforms

DAY 28: Change The Old Mentality; Power of Social Media Platforms

“Many people use the technology tools or social media while for others it’s otherwise, learns to use them effectively not the technology using you.” – Saminu Abass Ola

My greatest joy is to see a better society. Improving or impacting lives should be our ways of living. Receiving positive response and commendation from readers serve as a source of joy though I never expected such from anybody. The old mentality of many people has been changed.

I’m glad to receive reactions from those who have joined the Facebook group I mentioned in this series. If you are yet to join or could not get it as a result of the wrong spelling, search SmartBCamp, by John Obidi

Back to the business of the day, in total 6 social media platforms have been discussed. For a reminder, let me state it; Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Reedit, Pinterest, and YouTube. The remaining 3 platforms that will be discussed today are; WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

With no delay let me start;

– WhatsApp: The platform was founded in 2009. WhatsApp is a messenger that allows users to communicate, that’s the simplest definition for a layman. It allows users to send messages, audio, videos, and images. WhatsApp can be used for a personal or business reason. It depends on what you intend to use it for.

WhatsApp is one of the easier ways to communicate or disseminate information, however, it is being misused by many people. The platform as well can be used to promote your business.

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I believe Mark Zuckerberg as the new man in control of WhatsApp should add more features to the platform especially the group in order to maintain sanity.

WhatsApp consumes less data, therefore, you should capitalize or maximize it to promote your business or brand. Though it could be difficult to control a group but never let that discourages you to start something.

– LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a platform that is not just meant for jokes or fun like other platforms. It is known for professional purpose or branding tool. If you have ever been on the site, you will notice the majority of pictures you see as image profiles look professional. It is a networking platform where you can connect with CEOs, Managing Directors, Professionals in all fields etc.

For any youth or student, LinkedIn is one of the strongest business tools. However, it is a professional network site that allows recruiters to know more about you via your profile on the site.

LinkedIn is a platform to meet your potential employer. Therefore, it is important to optimize your profile on the site. To know how important this platform is, employers or recruiters these days require your LinkedIn Profile to go through your profile.

Your profile on the site is seen as your mini-CV or resume. There are people or organizations whose work is to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile. I have someone who does it for at least N10,000. Therefore, it is important you realize the essence of the platform to boost your career.

In order not to bore you with a lengthy article because many readers say they have phobias for that I will discuss Twitter tomorrow.

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Social media is a form of a biography, your LinkedIn profile is seen as a summary of your life career.

Employers take not only your LinkedIn profile important but also all your social media platforms. That’s why I said social media can make or mar your life and career.

To be continued…



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