DAY 27: Change The Old Mentality; Are You using These Social Media?

“Social Media is a form of a biography, it is left to you to write what you want others to read about you.” – Saminu Abass Ola

Facebook and Instagram have been discussed though in a summary form. I will urge you to search video tutorials on Youtube, Udemy or other websites you can learn from.

I have planned to discuss Twitter tonight but I think I should summarize some social platforms because the remaining days are running faster than expected.

The remaining social platforms to write on are;
– Google+
– WhatsApp
– YouTube
– Reedit
– Pinterest
– Linkedin
– Twitter.

The above mentioned social platforms will be discussed today and tomorrow. Looking at the lists above, a whole day can’t be used to discuss just one let alone the 7 platforms mentioned above. In short, a summary of the platforms will be analyzed.

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Except you are living an online lifestyle like me you can only be familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube which you are even under-utilizing.

The web is full of blessings for human but we seem not understand the value God has given us through the technology. As a youth or student, you need to learn or gain from any social platform. Therefore, I will take 4 today and discuss the remaining 3 platforms tomorrow.

– Google+: Google+ as the name sounds it is one of the products of Google. Though many bloggers use the platform as a source of traffics. Google+ is also a community where knowledge from various fields can be learned. Though I have exploited the online business and blogging aspects, I believe there are other Communities you can join to learn. You are good to go with your Gmail account.

– Reddit: Reddit is also a source of huge traffic for bloggers, yet, a community-based platform with enormous resources. Reddit encompasses all spheres of life. Almost everything has its community you can join to learn.

– Pinterest: Pinterest is another informative platform where great contents are pinned. It has same features with Reddit because of its huge resources but a bit different. Posts pinned on the platform can be saved and follow the author for future posts.

– YouTube: YouTube is one of the products of Google as well. No doubt, YouTube is one of the best resources you can enjoy for free. We all watch different videos on YouTube. However, can you also gain anything from the platform?

The answer is yes, I can tell you categorically that majority of videos you watch to catch fun or learn from are making money for the person who published it. It is good to have fun, learn and exploit the site. Also, make something out of the platform if you have the strength.

If you can create videos; be it tutorials, comedy, how to, health tips, relationship tips, or others you can also make money from YouTube. All you need is to sign in with your Gmail. Though it may require some learning steps. Search on Google or Udemy, how to monetize videos on YouTube. You can even search it on YouTube itself.

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Finally, social media platforms are blessings to humanity. It is not necessarily mean you should make money from them but learn and add values to yourself. In fact, you can make money from all the platforms above, make a research.

Different platforms with different values, try to gather as much as you can. Other remaining 3 social media platforms will be discussed tomorrow.

Remember, social media is a form of a biography learn to write the good side you want people to read about you.

To be Continued…


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