DAY 29: Change The Old Mentality; Guide To The World of Twitter

A Simple Guide To The World of Twitter You Need To Learn From

Everything you want in life can be found on social media if you use it appropriately, believe me, the media defines our lifestyle.” – Saminu Abass Ola

We are going into the end of this series. This is a penultimate article of the series. How time flies, so far so good over 28 articles have been released which I believe have had an impact on many lives positively.

Today, the world of Twitter will be discussed. I will believe you have taken steps to adjust your ways on the social media platforms discussed in this series.

Twitter is another awesome platform I call the modern social media. Twitter is not just popular these days but one of the best platforms. Also, Twitter allows users to create an account, follow people and also be followed.

Twitter is a platform that can be used for personal or business purpose. A follower on twitter once said Facebook is for the boys, Instagram is for the ladies while Twitter is for the real men.

Twitter is one of the best sources of information. Majority of news or updates you read or watch on your TV are gotten from Twitter. Many popular individuals or celebrities’ accounts are verified. Therefore, any tweet from such individual can be seen as an authentic or a valid statement.

It is also one of my best resources these days. If you are still living a life without a twitter account you are yet to be a real world of 21st century.

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A few weeks ago, Femi Otedola joined the platform and was asking how will I be using this platform? He said he will need to learn how to use the platform from his followers. That is, you can’t just be using social media without having a twitter account.

Twitter allows you to interact with any popular figure or celebrity, though, Nigerians can frustrate your life when it comes to politics on the platform. No doubt, it is the best platform to get first-hand information. You are fed with latest updates without relying on any newspaper or TV.

However, your agenda and focus on the platform should be a priority. Don’t just go there to follow Wizkid or Davido. Follow people that would add values to your life. People that their daily tweets inspire you and serve as a source of joy.

Follow individuals, organizations or personalities that tweet what is needed for your life to improve. Tweets that will help your dream to turn to a reality.

There are two important persons I can’t do without reading their tweets on daily basis. You can as well follow them, believe me, you will be glad you did. Search for Dr Joe Abah and Dr Dipo Awojide, there are many individuals you can follow but don’t hesitate to miss these two accounts.

Twitter is also a source of job opportunities these days. Many jobs tips, business tips or everything tips can be found on the platform. This is just a summary of the world of Twitter. If you don’t have an account on it yet, don’t procrastinate register tonight.

Note this, many things or hashtag will trend on the platform. It is not necessary to react to every tweet.

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Remember, everything you want in life can be found on social media. Religion, business, politics, education, relationships, health, personal development, how to make money, job opportunities, etc mention one it will surely be found there.

Therefore, maximize the opportunities to the fullest. Social media can make or mar your life, choose the right way of living on social media platforms.

To be continued…


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