Oluwo of Iwo Land is Our Symbol – FILSU National Body

Oluwo of Iwo Land is Our Symbol – FILSU National Body

Oluwo of Iwo Land, Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi Ilufemiloye Telu 1, is Our Symbol – President FILSU National Body

Nigeria is a very cultural nation with three major ethnic group encompassing the Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Each cultural group has their individual beliefs and way of life. The Yoruba tribe, which has its heart as the Ile-Ife in Osun state, is a cultured one amidst being cultural and an intermediate one between two extremes of modesty.

In the historical narration, it will take no much stress before considering the home of Odidere, Iwo. As much as Iwo is of huge historical support, so also it has a very socio-cultural landmark. Iwo has undoubtedly stood tall amidst its counterpart.

The Iwoland story of success, achievement, and development would never be completed without mentioning the Oluwo of Iwoland. HIM Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu1 Ilufemiloye, the Alase Lori Orisa for he has been the positively dynamic leader who is driving the great Iwoland to the pinnacle of success.

It is not so much amazing to see comments and discontent emanating from outsiders who had no wealth of knowledge on the majesty.  Oluwo of Iwoland has made a huge positive difference.

I thank God and pay due homage to my father and the guardian of all Iwoland, the Oluwo of Iwoland. I pray that your reign last for centuries and the history lingers for the eternity. It is so much factual that my king in two years of enthronement has achieved what some 20 years old king has not even dreamt let alone to implement such.

Oluwo is a king with huge amount wit and a great sense of responsibility that no traditional ruler could claim similitude of it. My father deserves an accolade as he is the only king that doesn’t rely on the government before he develops his community. When government fails him, he stands to duty.

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I don’t know the best words to qualify his sweet attributes. Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi is a king of excellence and about perfection, no exaggeration involved. No king could be accommodating as he is. The palace of whom I know is opened to all and sundry without torment and difficulties. Ilufemiloye found it easy on himself to speak with local people and chat with people irrespective of age, race, and sex.

The only king that I know would say “I did not belong to any cult because if I do, I will not be able to tell you (youths) not to join a secret cult”. I am still searching for a king to copy such statement wholeheartedly.

When you are from Telu, I advise you to be mute about him. The popularity he has gained and fetched for the whole Iwo indigene is a noble one that follows them to wherever they are and is usually of assistance to them.

I need to state this. My personal self, Balogun Jorjor, is always called and addressed as Telu in my school, as far as Minna of Niger state is concerned. This is what Oluwo has bought for us.

Everybody has a right to their various talk. However, I will urge every individual to spare a day to Telu palace. If you spare some moments with Telu, you will change your negative notion to a positive one. No doubt, your positive ones will grow progressively.

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With Telu, there had been not just a dynamic Iwoland but also a tide in Yoruba land and history.

In conclusion, I salute the only king that I cherish and urge all haters to make a fair thought of visiting the hallowed land of Iwo for an aura of difference.

For now, I submit.


Abeeb Muyiwa AbdulAmid

A.k.a Balogun Jorjor

FILSU National President