Ọọ̀ni Ọbalùfọ̀n Aláyémọrẹ (Ọbalùfọ̀n II)

Ọọ̀ni Ọbalùfọ̀n Aláyémọrẹ (Ọbalùfọ̀n II).

Ọọ̀ni Ọbalùfọ̀n Aláyémọrẹ was the 5th Ọọ̀ni of Ifẹ̀ who reigned in the 14th century CE.
He was the son of the 4th Ọọ̀ni – Ọbalùfọ̀n Ògbógbódirin.

He was the grand patron of arts especially those made with brass (evident from the masks below).

Ọọ̀ni Ọbalùfọ̀n Aláyémọrẹ was deemed to have “created new city plan for Ilé-Ifẹ̀ with the construction of several temples and building of city walls which economically enhanced cosmopolitan nature of Ifẹ̀”.

Ọọ̀ni Ọbalùfọ̀n Aláyémọrẹ

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“Bronze casting and all forms of alloys and metals crafts, glass beads and other jewels got to its peak of refinement during his reign further making Ifẹ̀ a commercial hub.”


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