Ooni of Ife Advises President Buhari on How To Improve Security

President Muhammadu Buhari receives in audience Ooni of Ife Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II in State House on 18th July 2019.

Ooni of Ife Speaks from Aso Rock; read the statement below.

Ooni of Ife and President Buhari

Ooni of Ife said: “How to improve security. I came to speak on behalf of other traditional rulers. The issue at hand in the South West is real. The issue of insecurity, we that live in the remote and rural areas of the South-Western part of the country, most of the bushes are occupied by strange people am we decided to work with the government to fish them out.”

“Everybody is beating the drum of war, we don’t want war, who can stand war, we want something better for our youths. We should better use them for something good other than shouting war and anarchy and we don’t want that. We told the President that and he is on the same page with us.”

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“Politicians should be careful not to throw things out of proportion.”

“We should make sure things are right and the President has given good directives to security chiefs including the IG to visit all traditional institutions in the South West. However, we shouldn’t keep over hyping war. We still want to keep the peace in the South West. Also, we don’t want anarchy.”

Ooni of Ife and President Buhari

“What is important is for the youths not to take laws into their hands, killing and causing violence. The drums of war are resonating loud and we are very worried. We need more federal apparatus to defend ourselves. Reinforcement from the federal government.”

“We understand more than anybody. We don’t want war and we want to work with the Government to bring peace. However, we are not saying Fulanis are bad, it’s about the bad guys working under the name of Fulanis.” Ooni of Ife concluded.

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