Osun State Commissioners List: Osun Cabinet lists and Nigeria Politics

Osun Cabinet Lists and Nigeria Politics | By Yusuff Ola-Gold Mutalub

Constituting the executive council of state of Osun has continued to generate lots of uproar within and outside the political class. Governor Oyetola has chosen to give the political leaders in each of the nine federal constituencies in the state the mandate to draw a list from each of their constituencies, a gesture I see as a way of giving everyone within the party a sense of belonging.

This gesture of the governor has degenerated to something else (on Osun Cabinet Lists). It has gone to a point that “primary elections” are done in some LG to produce a unified nominee. We’ve heard a quite number of verbal and physical attacks amongst those jostling for a place in the list. We’ve seen the desperation in the air and lots of negative vibes. I’m happy there’s a feeling of kinda relative peace in my federal constituency. Obviously, the leaders have spoken in unison.

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While I agree there’s nothing bad in having ambition but such ambition must be guided with patriotism and service. We must understand that political position is more of sacrificial one, it’s a pure call to service.

I have had the first-hand experience within my short spell in active politics and it has given me more insight into the motive of many venturing into politics. Many in Nigeria Politics have seen the environment as their last resort, and a total means of livelihood.

It should not. This erroneous assumption about our political environment informed the desperation of many. It’s either I have this or nothing. Many went an extra mile just to be appointed Commissioner, SA, SSA, PA. I understand this is not peculiar to Osun but rather the entire mulky-water of Nigeria politics.

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We need orientation and reorientation about politics and governance. We can’t build an enviable nation in this kind of atmosphere. Moreover, we can’t continue to give appointments to people that see politics as a means of personal enrichment. We can’t continue to leave governance to those that live solely on politics. I agree that politics is a serious business. The business of selfless service. Only those that understand the business of service should be given a place.

Governor Isiaka Oyetola must put competence and capacity at the forefront in picking those (Osun Cabinet Lists) that will work with him. Osun a dara o.

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