OSUN DECIDES: Collectively Desisting From Vote Buying By Akindele Piroll

OSUN DECIDES: Collectively Desisting From Vote Buying #NoToVoteBuying

As Osun decides in few days, it is apposite at this point in time for the people of Osun to guide their conscience by absolutely desisting from the act of “Vote trading” which marred the Ekiti state gubernatorial election of recent.

Though, buying of the vote is not uncommon in Nigeria’s politics because it can be traced to immemorial time in the country political history. The act has been one of the major reasons the country is still struggling for development till date.

It is to be noted that vote buying is not only regressively undemocratic but also a termite to development by which corrupt people are being recycled to paddle the affair of the state through their cunning disposition.

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In the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state of Osun, it is highly important for us to show other states how democratic election ought to be done. We should not let any politician irrespective of his or her political party entice us with money rather than the master plan he or she possesses to progressively move the state to an advanced level.

However, we must all work collectively to curb the undemocratic act of vote buying. Because direct or indirect buying of voters’ votes is not a feature of an ideal democracy.

Is it not logical that after you have voted based on the peanut you were given and not the plan the person has for the state. You have traded your “right” to question and demand good governance and societal development from the government because you have already sold your “right” to do so.

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Meanwhile, the money you might be given may not elapse 48 hours. No doubt it is certain that you will pay for the bad governance through the selling of your vote for a total of 48 excruciating months.

Trading of the vote is unprofitable to societal development. Let us collectively stop this barbaric act and let us stop the act of recycling corruption. Let’s allow the principle of an ideal democracy to reign in the forthcoming election. Do not join them to say “the highest bidder have my vote”. And together Osun will keep progressing.

Akindele Peter
He is a sociopolitical writer, he can be contacted via +2348134401063

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