APC OSUN 2018: All Osun West Leaders and Elders Are Irrelevant

APC OSUN 2018: All Osun West Leaders and Elders Are Irrelevant and Incompetent

“No to anti-party, let’s do it together and APC winning should be the priority” – The next song the ‘Tinubulized’ Elements and Aregbesola will sing

It is difficult to imagine a more stupid way of making some decisions and come back to those you devalued and rendered irrelevant to raise you up.

The direct primary election will deepen democracy as said by Tinubu has also deepened the crisis in their party.

It is no more news that a pre-determined election held yesterday conducted by the All Progressive Congress (APC). It is a pre-determined election in the sense that the winner had been known before the kangaroo direct primary election was conducted. Without a doubt, the anointed candidate of Bola Tinubu and Ogbeni Aregbesola, Gboyega Oyetola has emerged as the flagbearer of their party.

It would have been better if it were a fair atmosphere for all aspirants to either win or lose. Almost aspirants from the West that paid a huge amount to contest boycotted the direct primary except Rt Najeem Salaam.

According to Frederick Lenz: “The abuse of power that seems to create the most unhappiness is when a person uses personal power to get ahead without regards to the welfare of others,”

The lackadaisical attitudes displayed by Ogbeni Aregbesola and the engine brain from Lagos show how irrelevant are the Osun West APC elders and leaders. They believe without the West APC will convincingly win the coming gubernatorial election, therefore, the voice from the West is just a noise.

However, evaluating the Direct Primary Election being introduced, the method could have been the best if it has not been pre-determined and well organized, not just a sudden introduction to favour a candidate. The questions begging for answers are; Will Direct Primary Election deepen democracy? Will Direct Primary eliminate the monetary delegate system?

Evaluating the sudden introduction of the direct primary election to favour Gboyega Oyetola, the process abounded with many flaws. I could see some dogmatic followers of their followers saying Osun State has conducted the best primary election ever.

Whatever the case, the west has been boycotted and being oppressed with the power from Lagos State. Aregbesola and Tinubu have sent a strong signal that all those leaders and elders in South West are irrelevant. One of their elements even said, without the Osun West, APC will surely win the coming election. They boasted and implemented their course of actions.

My message to the elders and leaders of the Osun West.

The next song Tinubu will release ft Aregbesola is ‘no to anti-party, let’s do it together and APC winning should be the priority. An adage says; a fool at 40 remains a fool forever. You have been fooled for years. Let’s assume ignorantly and now you have been fooled knowingly, the ball is in your court to remain fools forever.

The fact is, you will be fooled and used again to win the mandate of Oyetola and being dumped as usual. Whoever says you are irrelevant deserves no better reception. If obeying and displaying your loyalty to your party bring nothing to you, why the loyalty? What’s also the essence of a business without making a profit?

Dear Osun West elders and leaders, you have been called semi-illiterates, unpopular, unqualified, incompetent, useless elements and the poor to induce with money. You will be deceived with negotiations for this post or that post.

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It is crystal clear, many people were bought and many will still be bought soon. They have seen the West has the dumping ground to get the raw votes to emerge by giving them money. The message is; give the incompetent and unqualified Osun West leaders money and keep them shut.

Finally, dictators can fix their entire family members in good position. They can manipulate all ways to the fullest but it won’t be forever. If you are part of the elements being used, tread carefully, the token you are given won’t last forever.

The imposition has worked in the direct primary election. The direct way will be decided by the electorates.


Saminu Abass is a motivational writer and content publisher. He is also a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.

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