Our Generation By Olaniyi Olawale Sheriff

When the night comes…
I want to say a word almost like a whisper, but I hope the world is listening

Our new generation brought the power and took the silence, The clock tick-tocks,  heart beats on, and the switch gleams red, thoughts from the mind, the pieces from the past. They are distractions like the newly found transitions transitioning into new waves of the trend.

Alas! Our “big brother” found us a new talk of the “cee-son”,

The holy misdirection,
A freeman caged in norms and culture,
a limited heart bounded by the fear of a new discovery. Like a Chinese cuisine in a Yoruba party!

A hungry desire of  “I am not eating”

The damning comic catastrophe, the distorted image of the green land, the change agenda of no man, the selfish mission of the “heads” men.

The alarming animal “grid” in millions.

Damn! This is a transition into a no land!

Like mojo in the “warship”(worship) house.

The revamp of the old political drama on the new stage, an unnecessary displace of invaluable relics, hoping to solve the problem of the new days

 Oh! the old gang found its way to our new saint, our new change in transit to its old ways…

Here they  are, de-codine our new pace,

We should double for the times we were “slow on de-codine” our dreams.

Let the youth be finally useful so that our world be finally youthful, an adorable value of the “lazy”, we’ve found an easy way of addressing the hard issue!

Chip in the votes in billions.

Our cascade of reality can end with “a miracle”

We’ve decided to get involved, vote them out and bring us in…


Olaniyi sheriff Olawale popularly known as kreativity is Poet/social media strategist/hustler. He is a perfect example of an imperfect guy


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