It is Still Better to Owe Workers’ Salaries – Governor Ayodele Fayose

It is Still Better to Owe Workers' Salaries - Governor ayodele fayose

The Ekiti State governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose fecilitated the Ekiti Workers and appreciated their support. The May 1st for Workers Day Celebrated was celebrated across the globe yesterday, Fayose took the period to recognize the support he has enjoyed from workers of the state especially the teachers.

To mark the Workers Day celebration, Ayodele Fayose approved the promotion of 37,152 workers in the state. However, Ayodele Fayose made a statement that annoyed many followers, also, which received many harsh words and criticism. The governor said, ‘it is better to owe than sacking the workers’, the opinions of the people were why the governor would owe salaries in the first place.

Moreover, Ayodele Fayose had in the past criticized governors that could not pay salaries of their workers. In his reaction, the governor said all arrears will be cleared before leaving the office. In addition, Governor Fayose put the blame for his inability to workers of the state of President Muhammad Buhari.

Ayodele Fayose said; “I appreciate the support that I have enjoyed from workers, even when the battle was fierce. I will never forget their role in bringing me back to the office, particularly the teachers. My legacy was already rubbished when I left office but God and the workers made me come back.”

“The workers made me a man of history in Ekiti state. I had no trade name, a family name that is recognised, but with their support, I was able to defeat two incumbents and become the first Ekiti person to be elected governor twice.”

The governor continued; “Yesterday, during the Workers Day celebration, I approved the promotion of 37,152 government workers. The promoted workers will be paid all their entitlements. We are owing salaries no doubt, but we have been paying and hopefully, we will clear the arrears.”

Fayose could not hide the fact that he is unable to pay workers in the state. He said it is better to owe workers’ salaries than sacking them unlike the states governed by the opposition party (APC). He also blamed the Federal government for the non-payment of the salaries as at when due.

The over-reliance of the Ekiti State governor could be blamed for owing workers’ salaries. The governor should focus more on improving IGR of the state.

Fayose said; “To me, it is still better to owe salaries and be making efforts to pay as we have been doing than to sack workers as being witnessed in some APC States.”

“I call on labour leaders to put the Federal Government on its toes, by asking questions on how funds belonging to the country are being spent. Without doing that, states may continue to find it difficult to meet their expectations.”

“For instance, this year’s benchmark for Federal Government budget is $42 but oil now goes for over $70 per barrel and instead of paying all the revenues to the Federation Account, FG still operates an Excess Crude Account contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court.” He concluded.

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After the statement made by the governor of the Ekiti State, Peter Ayodele Fayose, many Nigerians made some harsh statements. They didn’t except such a statement from the man they refer to the governor of the people. Read some reactions below;

“Ask Federal Government this or that, how much have you done within your own capacity as Governor of Ekiti State? How much is your administration generating from IGR (Internal Generated Revenue? How is it being spent? #StopMakingNoice4ItsTimeForAccountability”

“He has been able to represent Ekiti state well as d best tweeting about APC and Buhari every day, that is y he can’t think anything meaningful to generate Revenue, all he thinks about is allocation from FG that he is not using for Ekiti state.”

“God of heaven, who have we offended to deserve this evil of leadership. How can a Governor say this rubbish, God please help our dear nation. Mr governor, you should be ashamed of yourself for this statement.”

“You once talk about governors who can’t pay salaries and criticized them, now you are worst than some of them. You are only good at abusing the president as if you will do better if given the opportunity.”

“How on God’s Earth is it better to owe salaries? how do you expect people to eat and feed their families???”

“Thunder fire you, my aunt works at the Ikere Local government she has not been paid a year now, Pensioners too are owed more than a year now.Thunder fire you once more”

“Listen to yourself! How would you feel if you work and not get paid? Owing workers’ is criminal. They’ll be better off disengage to pursue other ventures than work & not get paid.”

“We need to know If your Medulla Oblongata is still functioning well Mr. Gov. You are wicked with your statement.”

“Some Nigerians see this thug who call himself their role model, U re happy owing those who has worked and re supposed to earn their wages, you seat & tweet about Buhari all day. Maybe Buhari told him not to pay them or his monthly allocations are withheld by Buhari”

“No single initiative on how to initiate projects that can fetch money to your state. Well, I am not surprised. You are your friends just forfeited close to 3 Billion Naira to FG. It’s only a lazy man that compares himself to others.”

“Just like saying that it is better herdsmen are killing more Nigerians now in the south than Boko Haram is killing Nigerians in the north? Oh God, let this generation of leaders we have in Nigeria pass away like a flood.”

“You should ashamed of yourself. What then makes you the people’s governor? After 3 tranches of bail-out funds yet you are owing Ekiti workers’ salaries makes your “food is ready” political nonsense. You will account for every dime you have collected from allocation and bail-out.”

“I do hope you are being owed your own salary also because this statement you made shows how minute your brain is. Focus on what needs to be done and stop comparing.”

“Very good you appreciate workers and we appreciate you too as a governor. But it will make it merrier if workers’ salaries are paid. And no outstanding arrears owned them. No joy when salary is not paid. So do your best to clear workers arrears.”

“Good. Now Sir, can you please look into salary payment and do justice to developmental projects and basic amenities before you wave goodbye?”

“Keeping people work without paying them is not employment, it is slavery. And you should be ashamed to even treat this as a normal topic on social media. This should be a real crisis. Workers celebrating “Workers’ Day” on empty stomachs. We truly need Assurances, not Accolades.”

“But, Governor. How come the economics of your state is not making any sense? If people are productive (generating revenue) in the course of the month, why must they wait even a day later before getting paid? This is disgraceful.”

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“If you can’t pay workers their normal wages, how can you seek to give them other perks such as health insurance or scholarship? Why tie people down in a useless public service job and not pay them. And you expect them to not steal or take bribes?”

“No sense in this action. U promoted people you have not paid their current salary. After you are about to leave so you are already causing the problem for the incoming govt. You are not making any sense. Pay what is on the ground first.”


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