Pablo Ayodeji Scam Suicidal Letter to Defraud People & Angry Reactions

Pablo Ayodeji Scam Suicidal Letter to Defraud People & Angry Reactions

SCAM: Pablo Ayodeji’s Fake Suicidal Letter to Defraud People & The Angry Reactions

The Pablo Escobar of Nigeria at it again. When he seems broke the young devices new method to defraud people. He has been changing methods over years. The Pablo Escobar of Nigeria known as Pablo Ayodeji from the findings, he is a beautiful smoker and wonderful gambler (especially football betting).

Pablo Ayodeji is a popular known name by many Nigerians for his scam activity. Ayodeji has been involved in many scandals which he used to defraud Nigerian. In April 2017, over a year now, this same Pablo Ayodeji featured in a date scam gate with Oreoluwa Oyebola, a Sociology student at the University of Ibadan(UI). Read up the story a date went awry with Ayodeji.

After the April saga, he came out in another saga the same year in December, when he tricked followers with a foreign account to defraud people the sum of N140,500. Read up the story Pablo Tries To Con His Followers Using A Fake Account.

You can also read Nigerians React As Ayodeji The Twitter Swindler Admits To Defrauding Unsuspecting Users.

Ayodeji with his tweet as you know he is a beautiful smoker as said earlier. Read; “First I gotta smoke to start my day properly.”

On April 17th, Ayodeji tweeted this; “I’m at a very low place in my life right now. I’m seriously down with cash. Am depressed at the same time. Nothing I do is working for me. Heck who needs a kidney or heart or whatever?? I’m tired”

Some followers or readers encouraged him with the following words.

James Ogunsanya: “Hold on bro. You not alone on the cash part at least Trust me, the next person has it worse”

Queen Aleore; “Run to Jesus Belief in Him Accept Him and u wouldn’t feel this way”

Veemah; “If I didn’t kill myself two weeks ago, you not going to. You got this bro, there’s always a time like this, it’s just one of the phases of being a human. It will pass, trust me.”

Okarafor Orji: “Ayo, you are a fucking genius, quit this talk of u being broke and push yourself. Just so u know, I do visit consult ayo almost every week, simply for inspiration.”

However, it seems the begging or suicidal letter has a gang. Pablo Ayodeji tweeted a similar friend who is known as Mathew on Twitter. Read below;

“Please help me out there I’m Mathews Seripe I’m 21 doing matric I didn’t have anything to eat for 3 days now but drinking water.

Mother: Unemployed

Father: Dead

Please Retweet an angel could be in your timeline to save me as I’m even losing weight

Please don’t laugh no jokes.”

Check the account in order to fall victim

On that same April 17, Ayo tweeted again; “Not knowing where your next meal is going to come from has to be the worst thing ever. Still, I don’t regret ever leaving home. I’d rather starve than be abused.”

Replying to the above tweet, a friend to Pablo Ayodeji with the handle @itzkidmarley said; “Scam some followers nau”. This statement confirms they have ways of scamming people. They have been doing this for long to defraud Nigerians.

Ayodeji who replied amazingly with; “Yea, I could do that but how long would that continue?? Man, you don’t understand.”

On April 18, Ayodeji retweeted a similar scam suicidal letter from an account with the name Tunde and handle @Tunde_2IC. The guy Tunde who uses a fake image tweeted this;

“Hello good morning. This is me soliciting for help. I am at my breaking point and suicide seems like my last option. Please and please I need your assistance with anything. Please, I’m pleading this is my last option. I’m owing even MTN money. Please!!!!!!”

Though, Tunde got his way but a Nigerian angrily replied; “Bros, or whoever you are, you can go ahead and solicit for help if you need, but do not do this with someone else’s picture. This is totally wrong. Pull down this picture please, this is my friend’s picture and we just spoke, he is totally fine and this is not his handle.”

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On the April 21, the popular Nigeria Musician Davido tweeted; “I no want accolades gimme money.” Ayodeji Pablo reacted to the tweet saying “The money you have never do you? At least leave some for us poor people now.”

The following day which is April 22, Pablo Ayodeji finally heeded to the advice of co-fake suicidal letter on Twiiter by saying; “I am dying tomorrow. So this is goodbye.”

It seems some Nigerians have seen such statement before because the tweeted received angry reactions. Read some below;

“If u can see the future bro. Please just tidy me odd of 10 please. You’ll go to heaven”

“Goodbye, Mr. Ayodeji. See you in hell”

“Oga we have heard nah. How many times will you say the goodbye? Please don’t forget to send my regards to my grandfather. He said I wouldn’t graduate but tell him I came out with 2’1. Remind him I said he’s mad.”

“Please don’t carry that hair to hell fire”

“My bros, abeg leave the guy to let him do as he so wish. He’s been scamming people with this same line since last year. Whenever he’s broke he starts cooking up different scams.”

“How far, Shey make I DM you my number make you transfer your remaining data and airtime to me before you go. God bless you”

“Take a stroll to a hospital close to you and walk round the ward, if you still feel like taking your life, be my guest, say hi to Avicii for me”

“RIP in advance and stop disturbing us”

Follow the thread here;

Following the reactions of the some readers. Pablo seems not to get the attention he needed, he later tweeted: “I’ve made my decision already. Nothing anyone says is going to change my mind. So you can all stop pretending you care. Thanks”

“Nobody cares about me. I’ve got no friends or family. I have nothing else to love for.”

Reactions followed;

“Hey buddy, don’t be weak, everybody is fucked up in one way or another, but dying because you can’t do anything is the worst thing. You can ever try, find a life, we always got something to do”

“We don’t care as well dude because no one cares in Nigeria, fight it through yourself.”

“If you change that decision you are a bastard. Ko ya ku oo. In fact, if you no die, we will comman kii you”

“baba forget that one. What can you be going through that will be as crazy as those sleeping under the bridge with no food and family. You no sabi scam at all.”

“Lol, who are the people changing your mind. Come what’s wrong with you people. Leave the guy to let him go jor”

“God didn’t create you for no reason. You have a role to play here on earth. You are special because God knows you by name. People might show carefree attitude, but bro, God cares. I care too”

“Everybody is going through a lot. Do you have health issues that makes you beg for money when you’re broke because the expensive drug must not finish? I’m sure you don’t. That’s just among the other problems I have. But I know it’s temporary, I’m happy like everybody else. Don’t die bro.”

“From what I gathered, you are a scammer. That said as a being I don’t care if you take your life it’s not really going to affect me. As a creature of The Divine, I will advise against doing that. I’m sure someone out there needs you. LOOK for them.”

“Scam. He’s at it again. If y’all like send him money again! This Nigga full of shit. A con that sells pity stories to con people. Looking for fresh vulnerable people once more. Good luck with that!”

When Pablo Ayodeji realised that he hasn’t gotten the attention he needed. The goal has not been achieved yet so he decided to come with another tweet that got over one thousand comments and retweets. The tweet got many angry reactions from readers for lingering the fake suicide threat.

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The man with his usual trick devised another soothing tweet by saying; “This is my final tweet. After 22 years on earth, I’ve decided to call it quit. I can’t keep living this way, I’ve been strong for so long and I’ve reached my breaking point. I realize now that dying is easy and living is hard. And I’ve chosen the easy way out. Goodbye

The heated moment came as many Nigerians can’t spare the scammer again. Though some readers sympathized and replied emotionally. However, the majority couldn’t welcome the fake dream to die by the Pablo. Read some reactions below;

Olufemi: “People die every day with or without committing suicide and he’s over 18 years, he’s grown enough to make good decisions for himself. What is he going through that most of us aren’t going through? My brother I’m very good at supporting people’s decisions.”

Yung Bill: “No one could have paid the price for our sins. Thank God no one stopped Jesus, in this same manner no one should baba ijebu Pablo. Baba needs a rescue mission of alert las las he will be fine.”

Kenna: “When you get there help me ask my grand-father where he kept all the land documents. We don find am taya”

@Adepiero: “As bad as his tweet look, don’t fall for it. The boy is a well-known scammer on twitter and this most likely might be another scheme to fraud people. I wonder why he hasn’t been arrested all these while. People know him too well to take him serious.”

@SEGAlink: “A lot of people may be too young to know who Dangote and Emir Sanusi were before the intervention of leaders in the society. Both of them were radicals waiting judgements that could have ended their lives. But that is a story the doctored history will not tell you. All lives matter.”

Adeyemi Adewale: “My dear that Guy is a bit dramatic… He does this kind of thing all the time for attention, he will still swindle people in the process. Just follow up and you will see what I am saying. Don’t play yourself. He does this kind of thing for a living. Always with different tactics, that guy is not killing himself. Just read the comment and see how nobody is taking him serious”

Bryan: “Please say me hi to 2pac, mj and my grandpa tell them I love them and remember to be a good boy over there. Tell them to RIP. I was busy by the time they died. I hope it’s not too late”

Icherry: “Rest in peace till we meet again in another world.”

Taiwo: “Please, If you’re later able to connect with Escobar your namesake. Just connect with me in the dream tonight and tell me where he buried all his money in Columbia years back. You can both be kinging there.”

Mabi Juliet: “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Dude should be talked to. He blocked everybody that tried reaching out after collecting people’s money. I sincerely think he needs rehab. But people shouldn’t send him money.”

Teshi: “Yeah I know him. but ko mean. I actually laughed when I saw the tweet and I was like “Pablo don smoke again”

Ahmed Sidi: “I just got all his downloads oo!! Apparently, he dupes and scams people for a living. His Bank account was blocked at some point. Hmmm”

Michel Linda: “Is been over 3 hours now since you twitted that you wanted to commit suicide and we are all waiting for the news here on Twitter but still have not heard anything yet, ogbeni why na”

Tobi: “Please Pablo I’m so broke. If you can give me your Kidney to sell. I’ll appreciate. Thanks man. RIP in Addy. God knows best. Adieu!!”

Olalekan Alaka: “Please help me greet my grandpa his name na Ahmad, tell him I wish to know him better, I’ll appreciate it if you can get a picture of him for me from heaven.”

You can follow the thread here

Apparently, Pablo Ayodeji has seen the greenlight from a man who will help him. Someone then message him not to commit suicide and promise to give him N500K. Just checkout Pablo’s response.

Pablo Ayodeji








Adebayo: “Pablo Ayodeji!!!… Ògbóntarìgì áádígúnjalè òríí twitter tún gbà àrà òtún yo o”

It is glaring, Pablo is not just a lazy youth but a scammer. He has turned it to his way of living. Though some well-wishers and some people might want to help him but this act should be condemn. This act by Ayodeji could hinder helps to some helpless persons who really need assistance. The thinking will be, don’t mind that person that’s how they do to scam people.


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