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5 Surprising Reasons Why People Stay In An Unhappy Marriage

Living in an unhappy marriage may seem like something immense to some people. However, these things happen. People have their reasons why they stay in an unhappy marriage.

Here are the 5 most common reasons why people stay in an unhappy marriage:

1- For the sake of children

Children are always the main reason why people stay together. Parents believe their divorce can affect their children in an unthinkable way. And they are most of the time to the right. Divorce can harm children, ruin their childhood, dreams, and hopes. But just because you two have children, it is necessary to stay together. Bad words and frightening behavior can affect children worse than divorce.

2- Afraid to be alone

When you’ve been with someone for a few years, you almost forgot to be alone. You did everything with the other person doing things on their own now is not something you know how to do. So instead of divorce, most people stay in an unhappy marriage because they fear the idea of ​​being alone.

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3- Afraid to lose things

Some people live in unhappy marriages because they fear that when they divorce, lose all the valuable things they have. In a marriage, people build things together and also buy things together. When you want to divorce, these things will go half and half.

At the same time, people may fear to lose their friends to the other side. In a divorce, you cannot predict which friends will be on your side and who do not want to. So people don’t want to find out.

4- Lifestyle or habit

Some people have been happy about their lifestyle or habits. And no matter how difficult or awful, the presence of your partner, they prefer to live in an unhappy marriage. However, take advantage of the lifestyle they now have. At the same time, some people are not divorced because they are accustomed to an accident. It may make no sense to most of you, but some people need to feel unhappy, they need to complain and do something for your current situation.

Usually, these people have given up working things but at the same time don’t want to get divorced because they are used to feeling this way.

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5- Social Embarrassment or Shame

Some people cannot separate themselves from each other. They listen to what naysayers or what people say, and they fear others will talk about their divorce. It is people who prefer to live in an unhappy marriage rather than having to deal with other people’s words.

Unfortunately, until they learn how they don’t care what others have to say, they will still be dissatisfied.


Living in an unhappy marriage will not bring solutions to the problems. Therefore, it is only you and your partner can decide whether to resolve things or give up.

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