I met this saint of a girl, it’s no sin

I just wonder why my heart was racing

I’ve heard tales about Ada and her indescribable beauty

On this day I was dumbfounded for good, I admitted “she’s pretty”


So I played some tactics and shot at that particular angle

Some said I’m lucky and I don’t care, we began to mingle

My love for her was so bright, I could sense with the way my feelings assemble

The way we hold hands so tight and heart soothing, Ada’s smile pops my dimples


We played and loved like it’s all we’ve got to be complete

It’s no big deal, a wise man once said that “good memories is all that matters” isn’t it?

But then, the silent whispers of others started to cook something I couldn’t eat

Ada’s behavior suddenly started to speak in parables, sounding selfishly sweet


The closer I swing, the farther it gets

Ada says I have no plans for her that I’m just a poet;

Painting her futures with my tongue twisting lips in ironic figures of speech like a performance duet;

That breeds humor, the beauty of nature and all like a penniless preacher with no plain pursuit


“Ada… My future is bright… ” I said trying to hold her hands to feel my strange heartbeat

“I’m sorry… I don’t see the light..” She said before this loud gong in my head came on a repeat

A sharper heartbreak is better than listening to the same tunes that has designed;

The destiny of other folks, so I took a clear gaze at the sky to swallow;

My tears of pain and the gasps of the words unsaid.



Eniayewu Victor Ayomide (LiteratusVictor)  is an African Revolutionary Writer, Page/Spoken words poet, An Afro Saxophonist and a Public speaker. He lives in Osogbo Osun State, Nigeria. His love for writing has been intact since he was 12 years old. He believes poetry is a license to speak whatever truths and tell whatever story through words and most importantly as a means of spreading a message to the world for whoever reads.

Facebook: Literatus Victor

Instagram: literatus_victor

WhatsApp: 08106743521

Twitter: @Literatus_v

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