POETRY: There is A Cry | By Akintunde Goodness Elizabeth

Poetry There is A cry

This is wonderful poetry composed by Akintunde Goodness Elizabeth titled: There is a cry.

There is a cry

There is a cry in the land

Lamenting of how barren and desolate it stands

Exploited and retarded

It groans for a reverse

A rest from its resources extortions

There is a cry

In the square

Of the people’s despair

On things destroyed beyond repair

Their pains going on like a deep well

There is a cry

A wail on the streets

A means to survive without grieve

A chance to showcase our gifts

To reach our peak in a piece

There is a cry: in my eye

A pain deep in my heart

Watching as the once upon a time giant falls to crumbles

A place of solace; now a place of terror

A shame on many

Caused by greedy few fellows

Why should we stay mellow? When we can change the error

The terror they’ve all become.

Why not gather and ponder?

And make them wonder

How to govern aright.

We- I am the people

It is time to cease the cry

To work on our pride

Time to pay the price

And to stop the strive

We shall remove the decay; only if we unite- without delay

And cleanse our land

With a better mind

For when we can do this

Why then should we cry

When we can try?….

Written by

Akintunde Goodness Elizabeth a student of Obafemi Awolowo University with the pen name A.G.E. She’s the CEO of Sparklingcreations which offers baking, poetry, writings to mention a few of the services. She loves writing and being herself.

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