Don’t Be Popular and Broke By Oladipupo Osofowora

Popular Broke by Oladipupo Osofowora

Don’t be popular and as well be broke is a piece written By Oladipupo Osofowora

In the last quarter of the year 2016, I started my intentional journey to become an expert.

I did almost everything that I was instructed to do aside one thing that cost me dearly. Thereafter, I began to show up every day on social media. I would create content and position myself as an expert. I ran online seminars too and I was getting the traction.

People began to slide into my DM for help and I took almost everybody on. Even at my personal expense, I went all the way to proffer solutions.

Showing up every day over 16 months now came with popularity. People started knowing me and all that. But something was wrong till June 2017. I had no business model and I was getting popular but not making a dime from all the attention.

It was until June 2017 that I got my first client and by December, I resigned from my job because my side hustle started paying more. It is easy to become popular, social media will help you achieve that but without a business model and revenue streams. Just forget it, you are an NGO.

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To get started on the right note, you have to identify the following.

馃憠聽Revenue model – how do you plan to make money from what you do?
馃憠聽Costs聽– trust me, showing up consistently has a cost. Your data subscription is a cost to you.
馃憠 Channels聽– what channels do you intend to camp to offer value to your target audience?
馃憠Your MVP – your minimum value preposition is that prototype of the value you intend to offer for money or whatever you want.

Do you have any of these sorted already? Share your thoughts.


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