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Poverty in Africa: A Great Concern Towards Development By Akindele Piroll

Poverty has become an universal issue since time immemorial and many countries of the world have been battling with it because for substantive development to be recorded in any country.

Poverty must be suppressed drastically if not absolutely and towards alleviating poverty has made many NGO, International organizations and affluent individuals to be contributing unceasingly and immensely to Poverty’s alleviation programmes and also organize many events on the needs to alleviate poverty in the continent.

The purpose of this write up is not about conceptualization of poverty nor poverty at the universal level but specifically about the rate of poverty in Africa and how its effects stand as a great concern for the development of the continent. Though many scholars have been attributing the preponderant rate of poverty in Africa to the advent of the Europeans in Africa which led to colonization. However, can we adduce to the fact that this brought poverty to Africa? Because there are evidences that showed that poverty has been rampaging the continent before the European came.

Some people are also of the opinion that the increasing poverty rate in Africa is as a result of desultory policies as a result of vision-less leaders in the continent and many other causes.

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But it grieves beyond measure that the rate of poverty in the fifty four independent countries in the continent keep waxing higher. Even in Ethiopia that was not colonised and the effect of poverty in the continent can never be overlooked because it has been standing as a major setback for the continent’s development. Some of which is the increased number of street children which are below the age of eighteen that have been ‘habitating’ in the street just to fend for themselves through various means.

Also, on the quest for fending for themselves they might engage in some security’s threatened activities like terrorism, theft etc.

Another effect of poverty is the increasing rate of illiteracy and drop out students in some countries of the continent. Though many of them do not want to be an illiterate but the socioeconomic power that they lack which is poverty necessitated this.

Tough there is free primary even secondary education in many countries but the economic condition to meet daily needs cannot be sidelined from this issue of illiteracy because one cannot expect children to be going to school without any hope of eating something when they come back from school.

The unproductive cum increasing population rate in the continent which brings a spiralling per capita income can also be said to have been caused by the level of poverty in Africa. These and many more are the effects of poverty in the continent which need to be urgently addressed, because its serves as a termite to the continental development and without finding a substantial means to address the issue development might continue to be stagnant in the continent.

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In sum, it is high time for Africans to rise towards the alleviation of poverty in our dear continent and people that are chanced to be of help in this task should consider it as a great world of service to humanity by them. However, governments at various levels in the continent, influential individuals and groups of people and international organizations should try to re-strategize the blueprint on how poverty in the continent can be drastically addressed.

Though the MDGs set for 20:20 might not drastically address the preponderant rate of poverty in Africa due to time factor but more efforts should be channeled towards the augmentation of Poverty’s alleviation programmes in the country and together we can make Africa a great continent.

Akindele Piroll

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  1. Nice one Piroll, this is really inspiring, I saw the link on your WhatsApp status and checking on the topics and headlines of this website captivated me a lot. On the article you wrote, only God will save Africa, not European.. It seem things are not going wells in the country…

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