10 Practical Habits to Success By Bello Rofiyat

10 Practical Habits to Success By Bello Rofiyat

What is a Habit? And how many days does it take to form a Habit?

Habits are those things we do repeatedly almost without thinking about it before we do them. Also, it is referred to an action done on a regular basis.

An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness.

It can also be said as character or traits. So let us note that one thing is constant in defining habits and that is ‘consistency’.

Whatever we do repeatedly becomes a core part of who we are and this will determine the amount and type of success we can have. Humans are creatures of habits. Sometimes, some habits are hard to stop but they can be. It takes 21days to form new habits but that will be if there is CONSISTENCY.

Success, on the other hand, is every man’s desire and our definition of success is determined by the capacity of our minds. But Success will always be determined by the types of habits we have as a person.

Those that have read autobiographies of Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt and stories of successful leaders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Chimamanda. We realize that success does not just jump on them. They have habits that constitute their successes. When we cultivate good habits, success is guaranteed.

So, the question we should ask ourselves is “What are your Habits”??

There are two things about Habits we have to know.

  • Good habits are very hard to form.

Have you ever tried to read at least one chapter of a book per day? Have you ever tried to write in your diary every day? Also, have you ever tried to always talk with a big capacity mind? Have you ever tried to sleep at least 4 hours in a day?

These good habits look impossible to form because they determine our success and our lazy self doesn’t just want to work for success, it wants to wish for it

  • Bad habits are the easiest to form and difficult to let go.

Have you ever tried to stop bad habits? It is always like death is close.

So habits can be harmful and can also be helpful.

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Let us now consider some of the habits of successful people. When I say successful people, I don’t want us to look far to Dangote or Mark Zuckerberg. I want us to look at ourselves. I’m going to assume we all have handled a project and it was successful. So yes I mean you.

So here are some of the habits you display when you handled that project successfully.

  1. Deep Thoughts:

Thinking deep and wide is crucial to leadership. A leader that doesn’t think deep and wide would be a disaster to himself and to his organization. A leader must see beyond the normal norm. Think of issues deliberately, start a thought process, lies the power to produce ideas that will solve the problem.

The owner of BlackBerry messenger thought deep and wide and he sold it at a good time, imagine what would have happened to him if he held on and WhatsApp came strong. Those who are very conversant can bear me witness.

2. Taking Responsibility.

I really cannot over emphasize this. Responsibility is responding to your ability to get things done. To achieve things, we must be responsible enough to stand up to get it done. And even when there’s no one to do it, why not You. When you failed to get it done, be safe for yourself enough to get up, take the blame but at the end get it done. Just get things done.

I would like to share a practical encounter with you. My brother once taught me this a long time ago. He told me to buy something for him. I went for about 30 minutes and couldn’t get. Then I got back and he told me to go back and not come back till I get that thing no matter what it takes me. Then after 3 hours, I came back with what he sent me and all he said was this “A leader will always find a way to win”.

A leader will always find a way to get things done

3. Updating their software.

So let me ask the computer gurus among us, can you run a 32-bit application on a 64-bit system.

Building yourself. Build your capacity because capacity talks about how much you can take.

The idea you have and you feel 3 million is enough to get you there. Someone with a higher capacity thinks 300 million is too small. The more you develop, the more you can carry.

Always try and expose your minds to books, opportunities, pieces of training, seminars and books. Notice book came twice.

4. Positive mindset and positive speaking.

“It is impossible” is something that was said that Steve Jobs hated the most (Those who know and read about him). We need Leaders that think positively.

This country can be great. Nigerian youths can stop being lazy, though am not supporting what President Muhammad Buhari said about us. Nevertheless, always have the mindset that I can do it. In fact, I will just do it.

5. Successful people have a habit of being men of Action.

They just do it. If we act as much as we talk, the world will bow at our feet. Analysis paralysis is not a habit of successful people.

6. They always stand out.

In a good way. Be different. People want something different/better than the norm.

7. Men of innovation.

Your success in life is determined by the problems you solve. Solve a problem and we will shout your name till our children can no longer forget.

8. Men of service.

You have all these skills and you don’t use it to add value to people. There’s always a way to give back to people. Do something that you will be remembered for.

I am sure at least 50% of people on this platform can take this session better than I am doing right now. Better writing skills and better articulatory skills. Better time management and better everything. But this 50% need to find a platform to showcase those skills.

9. They value time.

We’ve talked about time management on this platform before. Let me dwell in little on time value using this instance.

A poor man will collect money to save time while a rich man will take a plane from Lagos to Abuja just to catch some rest before the poor man comes from a 7 hours trip just to be familiar with the environment and use the advantage to get a better deal from the poor man.

The poor man and Rich man in terms of Mind capacity, not wealth.

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10. They show appreciation.

We have to form the habit of appreciating people. Team members. Friends. People we copy their work, which is common among we students, and we are supposed to reference. Mind you, appreciating people makes them more effective and efficient. We all want to work with someone that appreciates our input.

Appreciating others as a leader will not kill you. If the idea belonged to a member of the team, don’t be the genius boss. Be the human developing boss who appreciates and allows people to take charge too.