Engr. Mumini Olabamiji Wishes Osun Muslims a Blessed Ramadan

Engineer Raifu Mumini Olabamiji, the governorship aspirant in the forthcoming 2018 election in Osun State said that the Prophet Muhammad, described Ramadan fasting as a shield against vices and noted that Muslims should seek forgiveness, urged all Muslims in the state to love and show kindness to others.

As all Muslims worldwide begin mandatory fasting as required by the religion. Engineer Mumini Raifu Olabamiji has called on all Muslim in his Osun State to use the holy month of Ramadan to move closer to Allah and should not forget to pray for Osun State.

Mumini Olabamiji called on all Muslims to continue to live in harmony with members of other religious faiths as brothers and sisters stressing that Islam is a religion of peace that abhors violence as a form of interaction with members of other religious faiths.

He said; “I wish all Muslims in the State of Osun, Nigeria and the entire world a blessed and peaceful Ramadan. Ramadan is a month to show love without limitation to other religious faith. Islam is a religion of peace and violence has no room in the religion, therefore, see other religious faiths as your brothers and sisters.

Engineer Mumini Olabamiji continued; “Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. Therefore, it is not meant for abstaining from food and drink only. The blessed month should be used to make a greater sacrifice by reflecting on our faith and relations with the Almighty Allah.”

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The Osun State Governorship aspirant congratulated Muslims for witnessing the start of the holy and prayed that they will witness the end of the holy month. He also urged all Osun State residents to use the Ramadan period to pray for the state and Nigeria entirely.

“It is my prayer to the Almighty Allah (SWT) that granted us to witness the start of the holy month will spare our lives to see the end of the month. Don’t forget to pray for the State of Osun and Nigeria as a whole. As the holy month begins, I wish you all our Muslim brothers and sisters a prosperous and blessed Ramadan Kareem.” The Iwo born Engineer concluded.

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