Readers Are Not Leaders By Angela Ibukunoluwa Komolafe

It is popularly said that ‘READERS ARE LEADERS.’ This assertion is not true.
Readers are not leaders.

Let me explain my point.

By simple definition, a leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and then shows the way. There are three keywords I want you to note in the definition:

  • GOES

These keywords represent the steps an individual needs to take in order to become a leader.

The first step anybody that wants to become a leader has to take is to KNOW THE WAY. This implies that you need to have a profound knowledge about the cause you wants to champion.

The next step to take is to GO THE WAY. This means that you need to practice the knowledge you’re acquiring and then get enviable results.

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The last step is to SHOW THE WAY. This is when you inspire others who want the results you have and then show them how to get the same results.

You will agree with me that the average readers do not follow through the three steps. What most readers do is to merely read.

In fact, most of them often forget what they read within few days. This is because they don’t ruminate over and process the information/insights they gleaned from the books they read.

So they don’t even have a profound of knowledge about what they read, let alone acting on it and influencing others with the results they have.

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I hope you now get my point?

Readers are not leaders. While reading is necessary, it is not sufficient to make one a leader. You can only become a leader when you

  • KNOW the way
  • GO the way (and)
  • SHOW the wayIt’s a beautiful day.
    Go lead and dominate your world.
    You have what it takes!



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