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The Definition of the Real Change Nigerians Need By kinbad-G

It will not be totally correct to think Nigerian is not changing. She is changing and the changes are obvious. Credit to the people that gave promises of change and are working day and night to push the change agenda, indeed, Nigeria is changing. (smiles)

The changes we have seen recently in this nation should open our eyes to the correct and right definition of the change we need.

What Nigeria needs first is not the change of system but individual change that will later force the change in the system.

I maintained the stance that the populace is as corrupt as the ones leading them.

With my little study on why the majority of people join parties. I got to know that it is because of the menial benefits like sharing of rice, money as low as N150 naira and other ridiculous reasons.

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The electorates have made running for an elective post in Nigeria very expensive. The money you will give to delegates during party primaries. Money to the market women, the NURTW, the traditional rulers, the farmers, the religious leaders and so many places to put money into to buy popularity.

While I wouldn’t say that’s a ground for misappropriation of the fund after eventually entering the office to thrive. I must say it has contributed a lot to the way the system is working now. If we still continue to live with this mentality of getting paid for voting. Then, I’ll submit that we are still very far from the change.

If the electorates can change and start looking at personality instead of parties. Not considering the power of money always in play during the campaigns. Then, I can say we are getting close.

So, the change we need is a general change that will affect the mind of every Nigerians. Where children will not vote for their father during an election because they know their father is not capable and responsible enough to lead a community. Where the electorates will run adequate and proper check on the candidate proposing to rule them.

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We must become electorates that would not allow anything to negatively affect our judgement when it comes to who to vote for. We must be ready to move away from selfish interest.

The real change will happen when the electorates are ready to change. That is, not dancing to the power of money always in play during election campaigns and others.

See the future.

Be the change.

Hope for a better and new Nigeria.

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