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This is The Reason Why You Should Stop Learning | By Angela Ibukunoluwa Komolafe

I once saw somewhere that


If we are to go by this definition, you will agree with me that a lot of us are not learning as we do not always put what we read into practice.

What do you think is the reason for this?

Some might argue that it is laziness. For me, I don’t think soo!

A lazy person does not read now. Reading especially ‘active reading’ is hard work.

If it is not laziness, what do you think is the reason why people invest their money to buy problem-solving books, online courses, and other educational materials and then invest their time to study them but yet they end up not taking any action?

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After reading books and other materials, we get to know what to do, the right actions to take, yet we don’t get things done and achieve the result we desire, why?

Josh Billing has an answer for us;

“It is not what we don’t know that prevents us from succeeding, it is what we know that ain’t so that is our greatest obstacle.”

You read Rich Dad Poor Dad and you learn the key to financial freedom is becoming your own boss but despite being fired up by this new knowledge you ended up not taking action and three years later, you are still stuck in that job, barely getting to live by.

When you later came across the book, you remembered Kiyosaki’s counsel and kept wondering why you didn’t act on it.

You want to know why?

It is because of what you know that ain’t so.

Can you remember when your uncle who was working in an oil company and living in affluence resigned from his job to become his own boss?

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learning and practice tips

What happened?

The business failed and he died living from hand to mouth.

Have you forgotten when your friend who had a juicy job with a multinational company abroad resigned and came back to Nigeria to join the entrepreneurship wagon?

What happened to him?

The harsh economic condition of the country stifled the life out of his business. And he struggled and suffered until luck shined on him and he got another employment. Now he is doing fine.

Peradventure you have forgotten them, your subconscious did not forget. And based on those incidents, it has made an inference that becoming own boss will make you poor.

Though that inference is wrong, your subconscious mind believed it anyway.

If you now think by merely reading all those actions provoking ideas from Rich Dad Poor Dad, your subconscious will promptly jolt into action and help you make things happen, then OYO is your case. That will not happen.

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Rather, your subconscious will resist you from attempting to become your own boss so that you don’t end up becoming poor.

If you have been learning and struggling to take actions and get a result, can now see one of the things that might have been impeding you?

So, I advise you to stop learning for now and start unlearning those things you know that ain’t so.