3 Important Reasons You Should Attend a Job/Career Fair

3 Important Reasons You Should Attend Job/Career Fair | By Tunde Omotoye

Attending a Job/Career Fair soon?

Here are 3 important reasons why you should attend one.

What is a Job/Career Fair?

A Job/Career fair is a platform for organizations to instantly recruit/connect with new job seekers or find prospective candidates.

For them, it is also a great way of saving money and time from the traditional method of recruitment and selection.

Importance of attending a career fair:

1. Onsite Interviews:

Thing is, many of the employers actually have hiring managers onsite to conduct interviews right on-the-spot.

Hence, you can get a job offer if the interview does go well. You just never know.

2. Increases your Morale and Confidence:

The atmosphere of a job/career fair is usually professional. With each employer having their own booth/set up.

Truth is, each time you approach a booth, you get more comfortable presenting yourself, hence increasing your opportunity.

3. Get Your CV/Resume Reviewed:

Even if you do not get anything out of a fair, many recruiters will offer to have a professional look at your resume and give you feedback on how to make it better.

Offering suggestions on how to improve it can be invaluable.

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Also, 7 ways to stand out and get a call back after attending.

How to Stand Out at a Job/Career Fair:

1. Dress The Part:

I don’t think one can over emphasize this.

If you find me at a fair, I’d be wearing something that’d make me look like I am ready to walk into the office to begin work right away.

Let the recruiters picture you in the roles/offices.

2. Have and Master an Elevator Pitch:

Let your pitch stand out from every other person in that venue. Basically, “Sell yourself,” as the best product to the recruiters.

Everyone will casually introduce themselves, but only a few will give an elevator pitch. Be among those few.

3. Do Your Research & Have a Plan:

There are usually not less than 30 employers at a fair, so you don’t want to just move around without a plan at hand.

– Do your research on the organizations attending
– Outline the order you’d visit them
– Tailor your CVs/resumes to match

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4. Engage Professionally and Ask Thoughtful Questions:

Just like in an interview, the right questions show you’ve put thought into the company and are interested in learning more about them. You can’t be asking ‘what do you do”?

You can ask about training plans for employees.

Two White Printer Papers Near Macbook on Brown Surface

5. Exchange Your CVs/Resumes for Business Cards:

Your resume is your tool. The Business Card is the recruiters’ tool. Exchange it, as you’d need the contact information after you’d left that building.

6. Follow the basics of a positive ‘Body Language’.

Before you speak with the recruiter:

– A firm handshake
– Eye contact
– A smile

After you speak with the recruiter:

– A firm handshake
– Eye contact
– A smile and a
– ‘Thank you for your time’

7. Follow Up After The Event:

Truth is, standing out alone is not sufficient. You also need to remind the recruiter of who you are. It can be a simple ‘Thank you’ note.

Reach out within the following days to let them know you are still interested in a role within their organization.

Always remember, success at a career fair is all about the impression you make.

Don’t wait till the job come looking for you. Sometimes, you have to set out time to go look for your employers, and a job/career fair is a great place to start.

All the best.

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