8 Recruitment Agencies in Canada That Can Secure A Job For You

8 Recruitment Agencies in Canada That Can Secure A Job For You By Tunde Omotoye

Looking to relocate as a working professional but would prefer securing a job first?

Here are 8 great recruitment agencies in Canada that source and place international applicants. Job ranges from engineering, health care, business, and skilled labour. Rates from $14 – $40 / hour.

1- Global Hire

They have locations in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. What they do is place international recruits in Canadian health care, trucking, and welding and skilled labor markets.

So they concentrate on sourcing talent from outside Canada while placing them in required industries.

Visit the site here: bit.ly/2uBVuiv

2- Canada Connect

Located in Winnipeg. An immigration consulting firm that can streamline the process for those who wish to work in Canada. Thereby, getting that job first before making any other move.

Visit the site here: bit.ly/2U16dAL

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3- Hire Immigrants:

This platform provides expertise and support to businesses that wish to source, hire and on-board skilled immigrants from outside Canada.

They are in partnership with the Magnet program founded by Ryerson University in Toronto, and employers are given a platform from which they can directly source and engage with qualified candidates.

Visit the site here: bit.ly/2HTHJ59

4- Work Global Canada

This is a recruitment agency in St. John’s and what they do is use a global network of recruiters to source foreign workers in industries from engineering, agriculture, and healthcare.

They are also involved in drawing up contracts, candidate validation, selection, and interviews, as well as travel and orientation services.

Visit the site here: bit.ly/2TwJCa9


International Immigration Employment and Recruiting of Canada is headquartered in Edmonton. They are a national and international employment agency. If you are seeking employment in the province of Alberta, contact them for a consultation.

6- Outpost Recruitment

Outpost matches construction and engineering firms in Canada with local and overseas talent. They are located in Vancouver.

They source local and international candidates, specializing in construction and engineering professionals and skilled trades workers.

Visit the site here: bit.ly/2UY97lY

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7- Renard International

Based in Toronto, the org serves the hospitality industry worldwide, sourcing candidates globally.

Their expertise includes industry segments such as food and beverage, engineering, sales and marketing, and executive-level management.

Visit the site here: bit.ly/2Ub2T57

8- Alliance Online:

They serve the automotive, agriculture & construction industries. They also assist with LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment), PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), work permits and foreign worker assessments.

Visit the site here: bit.ly/2uuZcJ2

You can these recruitment agencies in Canada with friends who might be interested in them.


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