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Does The Rich Always Marry The Rich? By Solomon Buchi Bartholomew

Does The Rich Always Marry The Rich? By Solomon Buchi Bartholomew

A few days ago, Fatima Dangote and Abubakar Jamil got married. The bride is the daughter of Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, while the groom is a pilot and the son of former Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar.

The wedding was attended by those who matter around the world including Bill Gates.

I have seen lots of analysis from social media commentators about how unrealistic the Nigerian movie industry has portrayed love being void of class; of how a wealthy man will go to the village and pick a local girl for marriage.

Does the rich always marry the rich?

Here’s it:
Firstly, we have to understand that attraction happens in the midst of many similarities. You’re more probable to get attracted to someone who has something in common with you.

But, sometimes it won’t be money. It could be some other virtues. That’s why if you’re broke, it’s advisable you have any of these qualities.

  • Intelligence And Talent.
  • Physical Beauty.
  • Financial Capacity.

If you lack financial capacity, do well to be equipped intellectually. If you lack both, well, make sure you are handsome. All three abilities are the major pillars of attraction.

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The reason a lot of rich people don’t marry someone ‘poor’ folks isn’t always because they are ‘poor’, but because they have nothing exceptional. Yes.

In fact, I think it doesn’t take much financial capacity to impress a rich person because they have it; they might not be in the relentless pursuit of anyone’s financial ability.

They just want exceptionality. Confidence.

One reason we all should discover our peculiarity and build on it, not just to attract our customers, but also as a social advantage too, because the more developed you are, the more you’re attractiveness goes high.

Recently as I have been learning how to play the guitar, I do carry it around most times, and I’ve had like four strangers strike a conversation with me because they saw me with a guitar and assumed I could play.

Every ability gives a social advantage and prestige.

You are broke. Fine.
What can you do well?

Money isn’t only the socially prestigious tool of attraction.

I’m not downplaying financial class, but if you find yourself in a meeting with Bill Gates’ daughter, or a renowned and wealthy man’s daughter, will you stay all cold because you ain’t as rich as they are?

We all have our area of wealth.

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I have seen very much wealthy ladies date very broke exceptional men just because they were different, and yes, talented. They met them and immediately observed something exceptional about them.

See, the problem is not that Bill Gates’ daughter cannot love you, but how to attract her. Attraction precedes love. Human love doesn’t sprout from anywhere.

Can one be proud of you publicly?

This is one way to ascertain your level of personal development.
Fine, we are broke. Though I am also broke, I think some rich girls do admire me. 😂😂

Influential and wealthy people don’t just want wealthy people too, they can build you up financially, they want someone who can rep. You can do stuff, talk, write, sing, just do some exceptionally and with a standard.

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Don’t be broke and lack everything else. If you talk to me you won’t even recognise I’m broke because my exceptional mind will captivate you for so long. Lol. People don’t want to look at you and see all the flaws. Have something that can shine away from your weaknesses.

You cannot be broke in the pocket.
Broke in your mind.
Also, be broke in your head.
Broke in your face.
And Finally, be broke in your body.


Finally, stop dreaming to marry a rich person. Just be a rich person.

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