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Sanwo-Olu Unveils 5 Steps to End Unproductive Hours in Lagos Traffics

The Lagos State’s Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has promised to end the Lagos traffics which has been one of the problems battling the State. Babajide Sanwo-Olu said his government has been working relentlessly to ensure unproductive hours many Lagosians endure inside traffics become a story of the past.

In a statement released via his twitter account, Sanwo-Olu highlighted 5 steps his administration will take to find a lasting solution to the Eko Traffics.

Lagos Traffics and Sanwo-Olu

Read the highlighted steps unveiled by Babajide Sanwo-Olu

“One of the biggest projects for our government is fixing #EkoTraffic. Lagosians spend unproductive number of hours in traffic everyday and we are urgently addressing this as we build for a greater Lagos. Our focus in 100 days has been on 7 major areas.”

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“It was repositioning the Lagos State Public Work Corporation for the huge task of fixing our roads. New leadership and processes were introduced which has seen hundreds of potholes fixed, day and night schedule introduced and a concrete plan to fix every road in Lagos.”

“The Lagos State Public Work Corporation beyond accelerating repairs is ensuring that these roads remain motorable. The rains are still here but a lot of palliative work is ongoing. They are working everyday and using every opportunity to ensure every affected road is fixed.”

“One of the major promises we made is eliminating trailers from the Eko Bridge and working with the FG to implement a port call-in system. The situation is not as it was on the bridge and we are working with the Federal Government to fix the roads around the ports.”

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“Another step we have taken is the maintenance of traffic lights, introduction of traffic cameras, a cashless toll system and other technological tools that will ensure we can solve #EkoTraffic in the long term.”

Sanwo-OLU and Lagos Traffics

“Also, was to reduce man made accidents and traffic caused by disobeying traffic laws and general lawlessness on our roads. We emphasised the Lagos Traffic Law with penalties that are amongst the lowest in environments with the sort of traffic we experience.”

“We want the Lagos Traffic Law to be a deterrent and since implementation we have seen an improvement in conduct by road users. We set up a mobile court working with the State judiciary to ensure fair and swift justice. The law applies to everyone.”

“The fifth step was reforming and improving LASTMA to meet with the demands of a city like ours. One of the first executive orders I signed was to introduce a shift system to increase work hours. We also increased their allowances to improve productivity.

“In reforming LASTMA, we are improving all areas of the team, employing more officers, retraining, reducing corrupt practices on the roads and other problems we have identified. We are also working with other security agencies to support these efforts.” Babajinde Sanwo-Olu concluded.

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