Power of Self-Reliance and Self Postulation By Abdulrouf Wasiu (Ibn-Rouf)

As it has been written for long on the bricks of self-reliance by some psychologists and brain thinkers that “if you read other people’s work or listen to one’s idea and can’t postulate your own, you are a repeater”.

Many people out there which have the highest rank in the field of in-depth knowledge and even possess the ocean of valuable reputation in education line (the likes of Shakespeare, Plato, Aristotle and their calibres) still lean on someone’s shoulder. For them to fly up to their various destinations by thinking about other people’s ideology and postulate their own theory for them to be updated, upgraded and be the best among the rest.

It rings somehow in my hear and sound ridiculous on my mind whenever I realised the ways we today’s youth are becoming the ignorant of what we know gradually. Despite the fact that the total number of people graduating each year in our institutions is the millennium.

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However, if you can’t reach the hilltop of their level of vibrancy (other ideology) and their thinking faculty is even beyond your capacity. Then, try to act and behave like them. Constitute their work, emulate their diplomacy and advocacy. Never be degraded to the extent that nothing can differentiate you from those with bad rationales irrelevant future. Which their lives have no value to them except like the fume of the detergents.

Self-postulation of theory and ideology through other people’s work (views and perspectives) broadens brain and widens the thinking rationale. At times, it brings nothing but something called FUTURE BRIGHTNESS to one’s life. Clearly, you can see and perceive what who respect your intellect have for you. Always respect your ways of life and mode of operation precisely.

Youths, be wise enough to determine your future. Postulate your own figurative expression and begin to sell your self to the world. Forget not to bear the consequences and challenges that may arise underneath.

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Don’t just read for enjoyment alone else do it for your self-reliance and brain enlargement. For the sake of your incoming generations and your own future at large.

I dropped my pen for now, until next time we meet I remain my humble self.

Power of Self-Reliance and Self Postulation By Abdulrouf Wasiu (Ibn-Rouf)

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