3 Sure Ways To Sell Your Business On Social Media

Does it sound like what you have always wanted to do?? Sell your product or business on social media!!

I Just read a mail that talked about having too many people selling a particular thing in a particular area raising competition.

Social media is your better bet since you won’t be dragging online space with other sellers. This is because there are just billions of people to reach out to which makes your chances higher than your physical business space.

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These 3 ways will surely give you results if you play well with your business on social media.

1- Organic Social Media:

There are rare persons who are not on social media, it has become part of our life that we can not just do without it in any way. Also, this is fact to leverage, reach out to people on different social media about what you do, develop the KLT factor and they would willingly open their pocket for you in exchange of your product.

2- Influencer Marketing:

I see this often on Instagram, this is basically reaching out to a known brand to advertise your products for you and you pay in exchange. Since they already have a loyal following that trusts them. They can easily follow the influencers request to buy from you. Okon Joseph uses it often and he confirmed its super effective. So you too should try it.

Digital Marketing on social media

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3- Paid Social Media:

If you are an online marketer, you must have gotten used to these lines PAY TO PLAY. Facebook is not joking. The way you want to sell your market, they want to sell theirs too. So you can as well pay Facebook to run Ad for your products. If you get your customer avatar right and target right too you are sure to make some sales.

Are you selling on media already?? Are you planning to start selling?? But have questions in your mind about selling on media. Drop it in the comment session, I would be right there to attend to it.


Faith Paulson
Social media caregiver

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