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6 Signs You Notice When a Guy is Interested in a Lady

6 Signs You See When a Guy is Interested in a Lady By Zay_writes

Love is a beautiful thing and it tames the difficult ones, it makes you look like an idiot but it loves. When you are in love you don’t know what to do than to express and show it.

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  1. When a guy likes lady it shows easily because love can’t be controlled. One of the things you see in a guy who is interested in you is that; he would always want to talk with her even when there is no interesting topic, chatting with her even when she doesn’t reply constantly.

2. He cracks jokes for her to smile and laugh in other for her to love his company and finds him interesting.

3. He will send romantic morning messages and good night messages for her to be impressed and happy to have him as a friend.

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4. He will post her pics on his status almost threes a day along with romantic words. This may be indirect, like sunshine or look at her beautiful sunshine smile. An ordinary friend won’t do that.

5. He will always give her attention, spending time with her will always be his greatest joy. When she needs his assistance he will always want to assist her even if he doesn’t have time.

6. He will care for her so much that nothing would happen to her. He will always care about any little things that may not bother her, but he knows it can arm her.

These are the six things you notice in a guy that is interested in you.

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