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Simple Steps To Growing Your Instagram Account | By Wale Bakare

Instagram has grown to be the social media home (arguably) of internet users across the world. With its video and picture uploading quality, it has cemented itself as a core social media platform for business owners, bloggers, photographers, artists, writers and entrepreneurs in every other niche.

This is why it has become important to know how to gain followers on Instagram, and how to turn them into potential customers, or fans as the case may be.

There are very simple ways to gain more Instagram followers. These methods simply require consistency, wit, and engagement.

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To grow your account, it is important that you engage with your followers. Answer their questions in the comments’ section. Reply comments. Make simple (but not offensive) jokes.

Also, make it a necessity to engage with two or more similar accounts (in the same niche) every day. This will guarantee your exposure, and might even earn your customers.

Moreover, creating polls is also another interesting way to grow your Instagram followers. This keeps your followers active and gives them something to look forward to. This is also the point where you make use of hashtags to be discovered by new customers (or fans).

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In conclusion, select ten accounts similar to yours through #hashtags and drop meaningful comments. Be careful not to spam as this might lead to something entirely different. In a day, ensure you do that at least 5 posts per day.

Follow these easy instructions, and watch how your Instagram account gets the deserved results.


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