DAY 6: Change The Old Mentality; Be a Slay Queen of the 21st Century

DAY 6: Change The Old Mentality; Be a Slay Queen of the 21st Century

“Immorality or Illegality, Our Youths Want Expensive Lifestyle.”

“Be a slay queen of the 21st Century.”

This write-up is coming late as a result of the end time rain that fell yesterday which gave the PHCN an excuse to put us in darkness till now.

I am still on the lifestyle subject. Yesterday, the article I released hit many guys who see Betting as a way of living. They call it struggle to survive. Some people gave me reasons and say it is legal.

The fact is, I am not calling it illegal since the government has yet to announce it as so. My point is, the precious time you are wasting overnights, the brain you are cracking to stake N100 to win N700,000 or millions can be used for a productive mean.

Well, nobody could say anything about the Yahoo+ brethren because it has been part of the struggle too. Someone even said I only targeted men why not ladies?

Our youths (men) are currently suffering from two syndromes as highlighted yesterday. Yahoo+ and betting, however, to caption it all, smoking all sorts of items have also been the order of the day.

To the ladies, their case is nothing to write about these days. Gone are those days we talk about ladies dressing half naked. Today, our ladies dress in total nakedness. The way ladies dress today you wonder would this set of people get married? Of course, they will get married to their types and some may be lucky to get better homes.

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I once said during a discussion with a colleague that one of the things I will stop fighting for is “Rape”. He was shocked, he replied, what if it is your sister?

The types of clothes you shouldn’t wear inside your home when visitors are around. Those at the clothes they wear around these days. This is rampant among the ladies so-called students.

Many of them feel they are at the top of the world when they gain admission into any tertiary institution. They start the abnormal lifestyle they see as a normal one.

Some of the ladies are the one putting some men under pressure. Men would want to go any length to satisfy his baby girl. The days of girls waiting for men to do all is over.

If you are still the type that wants all from men you are then in the wrong world. It is good to slay but slay with your sense.

Slay queen should be determined to graduate with good grades and have some employability skills. Slay queens should learn skills that can empower her even if the white collar job is not coming. Moreover, slay queens should be a tech-savvy in this century.

No doubt we are in the world of women. The proportion of women to men is unbalanced as we have more women than men. Therefore, any slay queen with laziness in her will be left out in the journey.

Don’t just go to school to flex around. Don’t turn yourself to sex machine for guys. Also, don’t exchange your body for marks or grades.

Life after school is the real world. Well, the thinking of some ladies is after graduating I will get marry (free and go). My sister, men are now wise they don’t want liabilities. They want ladies that would support the relationship. Men are not after cook or sit at home darling. You are not only meant for the kitchen.

When your mates are asking their men for money to invest in their career you are here still asking for money for make-up and hairstyle. Be a lady of dreams. Be a lady of assets, not Liabilities.

You are slaying but don’t know how to use MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint let alone software packages of the course you are studying. Institutions will not teach you all these you need to wake up from your slumber.

The old mentality of men and women should change. Gone are the years you say after graduating, I will go for NYSC, find a good office job and will start making money. I will buy cars and build houses and will become a millionaire before I turn 30 years.

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If you are still thinking that way you are far from the world we are. The 21st century in Nigeria is quite different from that of Europe. You can accomplish this in Europe, not in Nigeria.

Turn yourself to a lady of valuable assets. Learn and add values to yourself. Exchanging your body to get money might be working for you today, ask yourself, what about your future?

I have seen many ladies who are making cool cash without selling their body. They learn every day to grow. It is not too late, you can as well change the old style.

Save money to invest in your life. Your future should be a priority.

Be a lady of virtue.

You should be a slay queen of virtue.

Be a lady of honour. 

You should be a slay queen of honour. 

Be a lady of the 21st century.




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