7 Smart Writing Goals To Set in 2019 By Angela Ibukunoluwa Komolafe

Smart Writing Goals To Set in 2019 Angela Ibukunoluwa Komolafe

Some of you here don’t have writing goals. All you have is mere desire. The desire to become a better writer. The desire to become a pro writer who commands influence and affluence.

Though desires are good, until you turn your desires to goals, you will never get want you to want until you set the writing right goals.

So you need to move from just merely having desires to having proper goals. I know this is a challenge for a lot of people.

That’s why I came up with this post to give you some ideas on the kinds of writing goals you can set.

Here are they:


A writer who doesn’t write on a consistent basis, is that one a writer? If you want to become an exceptional writer, then you must make it a goal to write on a consistent basis.

Note, writing on a consistent basis does not imply writing every day. You can write every day if you want to and you have the time. But if not, just choose some specific days to write. This could be daily, weekly, twice a week or three times a week.

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One of the most effective ways to become an exceptional writer is by reading voraciously.

Readers are leaders. If you want to lead and dominate your writing sphere, then you should make reading one of your top goals. There is a caveat though. Don’t just read haphazardly without purpose. Have a focus. Make sure your reading list align with the overall goal you want to achieve as a writer.

For example, if your major writing goal for 2018 is to become a copywriter, the wise thing to do is to read more about that topic.


There might be an aspect of writing that you are not really good at E.G storytelling or writing engaging content. You can set a goal to focus on mastery this one aspect all through the year.

Remember, it is better to be exceptionally good at ONE thing than to be mediocre at MANY things. There is also a caveat, focus on mastering an aspect of writing that aligns with your overall vision.

It doesn’t really make sense to focus on mastering writing fiction when your vision is to dominate the nonfiction niche.


Experience is not the best teacher, modeling is.

Modeling entails looking for people that have successfully done what you are planning to do and learning from them how to get it done.

This saves you the time and energy you would have wasted on trial and error. The best way to model is to invest in the courses, coaching, training, and mentorship of those you want to become like. If you want to become a successful writer, then you need to make this a goal.

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One of the best ways to become an authority in your writing niche is by writing a book.

If one of your main goals is to become an authority in your niche, then you should set a goal of writing a book.


If you are always short of words.

If you find it difficult to find apt words to articulate what you want to say, then one of your writing goals should be to improve your grammar and vocabulary.

A good way to start is by reading Element Of Styles by William Strunk or even Brighter Grammar. You can also commit to reading novels or learning like 10news words every week.


A lot of writers are introverts. They don’t have quality relationships in their lives. This is not too good. The relationship is the new currency. Your network determines your net worth. If you want to go far in your writing career, then you need people to walk you through the journey.

So you should make it a goal to build quality relationships with those above you, those at par with you and those below you.

A recommended resource that can help you achieve this goal is HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, a book by Dale Carnegie.

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Initially, this wasn’t the part of my write up. But I decided to include it because of the experience I have last week.

I was down with malaria and it almost paralyzed my productivity. Please don’t joke with your health. Make it one of your top writing goals and priorities to take care of yourself. Take adequate rest to reenergize and rejuvenate yourself. Make it a goal to have an ME time where you shut off anything work related and be alone to take care of yourself.

Also, ensure you do medical check-ups at designated times. I know this might be not natural to you, that why you have to make it a goal.

Finally before finally!

Listen to your body, when you notice that your body is giving you a signal about anything, don’t ignore it.


Don’t wait for something to happen before you do something. Do something before something happens.

Finally, finally!

Your physical health is not the only thing that matters. Your spiritual, mental and emotional health also matters.

In fact, I’m tempted to say matter more than your physical health. This is because the UNSEEN controls the SEEN. Your body often reacts according to what’s going on on your inside.

So it’s best you focus on all these aspects of your health if you really want to achieve your writing goals.

I hope you found this helpful?

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To your writing exploits,

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