Social Sense: Backbiting | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

Today, one of the biggest but viral sins that are being unconsciously committed is backbiting. This is so because we have access to technology and we don’t need to see someone before telling him about another person. All it requires is a phone call or a text.

Backbiting is the act of saying wrong things about your brother or exposing his flaws with the intention of derailing and debasing him in his absence. Backbiting can be an after effect of jealousy, when you don’t want a man to do better than you or you get uncomfortable over their successes. This is an act that has been directly and staunchly spoken Against by Allah in the Quran.

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He says: ‘O ye who believe, abstain from excessive suspicion, indeed some suspicions are sins, and do not spy on each other nor say wrong things behind each other. Would anyone of you have loved to eat from the flesh of his dead brother? No, you would loathe it. And fear Allah, indeed He is oft forgiving, Most merciful.’

We have found ourselves in a world where the wrong things are renamed and made to sound nice. So, when we do them, we see them as nothing. We don’t see ourselves as backbiting again, we just want to ‘gist’ a friend of an event. Let us remember that fake will always be fake, even if it’s painted gold!

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Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

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