Social Sense: Collective Responsibility | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

Collective Responsibility

We live in a rough world. A world where everyone is just trying to survive and live for another day. A world where nothing is assured: food, shelter or security. Things have fallen apart, the centre isn’t holding anymore.

All these have turned every higher animal into a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at the slightest provocation. People move around angrily and do not even care about humanity or the moral rights of one another. Since they’re hungry, automatically, they’re angry. But what does it change?

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Why haven’t we embraced, again, the act of showing kindness no matter how little? Why won’t our world work together in the spirit of collective responsibility? Our backs can only get clean when I wash his back while you wash mine. The house can only be called a house when all sides rest on each other. If not, each part will fall.

There is an urgent need to make our world work again. Take some steps back and remember where we came from, our cultural and moral values. We shouldn’t forget that we can only achieve collective success when we watch each other’s back. The hand will get clean, only if the other hand participates in washing it.

Stay safe, stay home


Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

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