Social Sense: Do Not Regret | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

Do not regret having ever related with people with a pure heart. For, Allah shall reward all parties based on intentions.

Do not regret a time you spent doing good for he that paid you with the opposite. It is better that you did it for him than not doing it at all. Your reward lies with Allah, not him.

Many a times, we destroy our good deed with the expectation of appreciation, so much that we feel bad when we do not receive a ‘thank you’ after extending a hand of good deed and the Shaytaan may trick us into stopping this deed. This is something we should be careful of.

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Social Sense: Do Not Regret | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

When something is done with the purest of intentions, the ‘thank you’ received will only be an added incentive and not the major point of expectation. Do not forget, what is with man will finish, and what is with Allah will forever remain.

Conclusively, brothers and sisters, learn to say thank you to Allah and your fellow humans. Do not forget, a Yorùbá adage says: ‘he who receives good and does not appreciate it is likened to a thief that has come to cart away one’s property’.


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