Social Sense: Jungle Justice | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

One of the greatest menace ravaging our society is Jungle justice. So much that it has become a normal thing for adjudged offenders. Because something has been stolen from me before, I find it normal to brutalise a thief that stole elsewhere. A kidnapper should be burnt. A rapist should be hacked to death, et cetera.

One of the greatest lessons of Islam is that we must follow the laid down rules and regulations as ordained by Allah and his messenger. For those living in non-Islamic states, the constitution of your country must be adhered by strictly. For every offence, there is a punishment as written by the government of the place. Punishments shouldn’t be met on people based on your discretion as most of the times, we allow our emotion to cloud our thought thereby affecting our judgement.

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Islam enjoins that an offender should be punished according to the level of his offence and its surrounding circumstances. While some thieves will be granted freedom and even empowerment, some will be fined and some will have their hand cut off. Also, the same thing applies to other offences too. We shouldn’t just start hacking or burning a thief or other offenders. The government knows how to handle it appropriately. Hand them over!

Some may argue because of the corrupt state or perceived incompetence of their law enforcement agents that they can’t hand them over as they’ll be subsequently released. True, maybe. But isn’t it better than killing a man that doesn’t deserve to be killed and having blood on your hand? Bearing it in mind that whoever kills a man illegally is likened to someone that ‘killed an entire nation’. Even if it’s ‘deserved’, are you the state executioner? Fear Allah!

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Let us desist from jungle justice and handle matters appropriately. Do not also encourage it and prevent it when you have the power to. Human brutalisation isn’t encouraged by any religious or moral rule. It is a way of the ignorant, merciless people. Be careful!


Abdulazeez Kamaldeen
[email protected]

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