Social Sense: Reflex Reaction | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

Have you taken your time to check your Iman? Are you confused as to what your place with Allah is? Have you ever considered what your last moment will be? What words you’ll utter? What you will have in your mind in that state of unconsciousness?

The answer to these questions is not far-fetched. Just look inwards. What comes out of your mouth when you find yourself in surprising situations? Are you the type that says Fvck/damn instead of Subhanallah when you feel surprised? Do you say whao/wawu instead of Ma sha Allah?

Do you unconsciously say Aje/Ogun where you should mention Allah’s name? These, and many other things that we inadvertently say in our day to day activities but we do not take note of.

Social Sense: Reflex Reaction | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

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Do not forget, ‘for a Saturday to be good, we should see its signs from the preceding Friday’. Likewise, our situation as we lead a conscious life says a lot of things about when our unconscious moment will be. Let us take control of that moment from now. Let us take charge of how that moment will be.

Reflect on your reflex reactions and make amends where necessary. You’ll find things easier as soon as your worship is improved and you consciously take note of your unconsciousness.

Oh Allah, assist us to remember, appreciate and perfect your worship as ordained.


Abdulazeez Kamaldeen
[email protected]

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