Social Sense: Stay Safe, Stay Home | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

There are conditions laid down in Islam that can make one avoid the crowded place, there are those that can make one avoid Ibadah. The prophet asked anyone faced with contagious diseases in a place not to leave that place and no outsider should also enter the place until a solution is found. It is in a bid to save the world of transmitting it beyond control.

During the hudaybiyyah treaty, the prophet had every reason, power and army to force his way into Makkah when the unbelievers stopped him. Especially because he’s entering Makkah for the purpose of Ibadah, Hajj, but he did turn back and even accepted not coming for Hajj for another 2years. This means there are reasons one can adjust his Ibadan routine if they’re tangible enough.

The prophet asked anybody that has eaten garlic not to attend congregational prayers. Whereas, garlic isn’t haraam in Islam. Does this mean the prophet does not know the importance of praying in the congregation? He said this because he takes the comfortability of the other members very seriously. ‘A Muslim is he who other Muslims are free from (the evils of) his tongue and hand’.

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Social Sense: Stay Safe, Stay Home | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

Just like we’re saying in this coronavirus case. It’s not because of the harm it poses for the person infected, but for the harm, it’ll pose on all other people free from it. In fact, he ordered that a sick cow be isolated from where the other ones are. Just so others won’t contract it from it.

A lot of fatwas have been passed on this isolation and avoiding congregational prayers issue. But so far, notably, the only one that has supported the idea of going to Masjid against all odds is that attributed to Shaykh Yusuf Qardaawiy (which is yet to be confirmed to have been authored by him, anyway). Every other one has been in the social distancing directive.

I read yesterday on twitter that a shaykh that has been staunchly preaching against isolation and congregational prayers has contracted the virus. Faith and stubbornness are two different entities. Allah doesn’t reward anyone for stubbornness (or maybe stupidity). Lastly, the prophet has enjoined that we must always follow the Orders of Allah, his prophet and those that have been made our leaders.

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Coronavirus is real, and only He that’s alive will be opportune to pray again. Allah wants the life of every man to be protected, and one shouldn’t expose himself or others to harm in his name. You shall be asked how you guarded your life!

Please, pray and stay safe!

May Allah accept all our Ibadah however we may have done it and grant the world Solace.


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