Social Sense: The Best 3/10 | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

The best 10 days of the year are still very much with us, today being the third day. Days so important that Allah swears with it in the Holy Quran. Days we are expected to perform, to the best of our abilities, lots of good deeds: Fasting, reading the Quran, remembrance of Allah, giving in charity, engaging in non-obligatory prayers, supplicating to Allah, etc.

While talking to a friend on the first day, I remarked how tough carrying out my plans had been that day. His reply, I think will be beneficial, if you’re also finding it tough to carry out activities as enjoined. ‘We must always remember that the only time most people engage in the acts of worship as mentioned above is during Ramadan and we find it very easy. This is because the Shaytaan has been tied, hence, we find actions easy. This time, we are to wage war against the known but unseen enemy that’s with us wherever we go and every step we take. It makes our actions so difficult but it’s not impossible.’

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Let us always remind ourselves that the Shaytaan has promised Allah that he will disturb the children of Adam from doing actions pleasing to Allah. The only people he won’t touch are the obedient servants who worship Allah with sincerity. Ask yourself the question, is the accursed Shaytaan getting you? How much do you want to do but you’ve not been able to achieve any? Are you a sincere, obedient servant?

Wage that war against the Shaytaan and worship Allah to the best of your ability. We should also make use of this bonus point Allah has given us. Don’t forget Allah’s words: Whoever does good has done it for his soul, and whoever does bad is also for himself, your lord will never be unjust to his servant.

Stay safe, stay home


Abdulazeez Kamaldeen
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