Social Sense: When I Die; Request for My Remains | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

A poet said:

‘Peace unto me when it’s time for my death. The time my remains will be covered by pure sand

When I remain alone in the darkness of my grave. With my good deeds being my only intercessor, helper

Do not remember me by recounting my wrong actions alone. Things that I committed while alive, wandering

Leave me to ‘sleep’ happily in the tomb. I seek your forgiveness for my deeds; the past and the future’

When a man dies, Allah sends angels down to listen to people and hear what they say about him. Hear people’s opinion of him and write in his slate, his attitude and relationship with people as heard from their tongues.

When a man dies, it is better to forgive him of whatever crime he has against you and not remember him for bad. If he has so offended you or doesn’t have anything good to be remembered for, then, silence is golden!

Social Sense: When I Die; Request for My Remains | By Abdulazeez Kamaldeen

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A dead person needs mercy and sympathy as he embarks on the journey of no return. Always remember that we shall embark on this journey too, and some people will also be there to talk about us. Do not expect to receive what you didn’t give!

May Allah widen our graves and let us die to be received warmly, peacefully, into Jannah.

Stay safe, stay home.


Abdulazeez Kamaldeen
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