The Spirit in OAU and OAU Anthem | By Olanrewaju Oyedeji

You see every time you see Great Ife Alumni singing the Great Ife anthem, many things run through the minds of those who did not go to Ife and I think why the joy is one big question.

Before I got to Ife, I had heard of many stories regarding OAU, some of which I referenced as ‘sugar-coated’ before I stepped in but my thoughts changed along the line. You see in OAU, brotherhood is so thick and that is why you see OAU graduates remaining keenly interested in each other even after campus.

The Spirit in OAU and OAU Anthem | By Olanrewaju Oyedeji

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OAU anthem is also specially formulated in that it defines the resolve to stand against oppression, ask questions and do that at costs if necessary. OAU anthem defines a lot, it is a confidence giver, a motivator and beams a lot of courage. The power remains forever if you ever get the opportunity of singing it.

OAU teaches you relationship. It teaches you to stand for people and situations not necessarily because you are particularly involved. OAU teaches you tolerance and develops your sense of acceptance even in the hardest situations.

You should wonder what works for OAU that you can walk through bush paths even at midnight, what happens that an injury to one is an injury to all. OAU is so beautiful that when student groups disagree inside the campus, they are family outside the campus.


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There is a spirit inside of OAU, apart from the history and sacrifices of the likes of Iwilade (Afrika), which motivates students to keep the school serene, there is a strong desire to do so. We do not become cajoled, we ask questions and stand for something. We are not docile even after campus.

Like, every institution, OAU has its own challenges but beyond our challenges, we have built a community spirit, a sense of togetherness, a sense of brotherhood, beyond the books (where OAU even stands out), the citadel builds people.

The sentiment of some remains that all were not all rosy while on campus with many peculiar challenges and alleged unfair treatment. However, one thing remains constant;
What OAU has given us beyond the books remains a building block to survive us even outside the four walls of campus and that spirit of love for Great Ife.

The Spirit in OAU and OAU Anthem | By Olanrewaju Oyedeji

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