Starting Over Again: A Great Lesson From Thomas Edison | By Adeniyi Ademola

The word starting and again, I hope it does not scare you but rather inspired you, because anywhere you see the word “start” it means a new beginning or to originate or to invent something. In other words, it means to initiate or raise.

Also, the word “again” means redoing what has been done before, or repeating previous actions or deeds. In other words, we can say starting again simply connotes redoing what you have done before in a new way. Also, it means originate what you have done before in a different way or begin what you have done before in a new way.

I hope starting over again will inspire you now, rather than breaking, shattered and killing your hope. Starting over again gives an opportunity for correction. It gives chance to make a better choice. It gives room to make amendments to some previous errors. Also, it gives the ability to the perfection of previous misdeeds and if you are starting over again, it means there is an opportunity open for you to perfect your errors, to correct your mistakes, to make a better choice.

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Starting Over Again: A Great Lesson From Thomas Edison | By Adeniyi Ademola

I believe we should also see it as a chance to correct our errors, but instead, we see it as a failure, bad luck and misfortune. Some people see it as a disaster and the end of everything to them. But only a few see it as an opportunity.

On December 10, 1914 there was a massive explosion in west orange, New Jersey, USA. Ten buildings in a factory owned by the great inventor Thomas Edison were engulfed by flames. Six to eight fire departments rushed to the scene but could not curb the chemical fuel inferno.

After trying all that he could, as Thomas Edison calmly stood there watching the fire destroying his entire life’s hard work. His 24years old son Charles came over and stood next to him, in a child-like voice, Edison said to his son Charles, go and get your mother and her friends here, an outbreak of fire like these in their entire life might not be seen again.

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Starting Over Again: A Great Lesson From Thomas Edison | By Adeniyi Ademola

Astonished and shocked Charles asked Thomas Edison, our entire factory is being burnt down to ashes dad, Thomas replied with confidence in a low steaming voice and said yes our factory is being burnt down to ashes and all the mistakes we have made so far in the factory have also been burnt down to ashes. We will start all over again, that evening Thomas Edison told the new York reporter that “although I am 67years old and my strength has gone and am completely exhausted to control the fire. But tomorrow, I will start all over again ”. And so he did.

The next day was a fresh beginning for Thomas Edison and his son Charles in trying to rebuild what had been destroyed by the fire. But the good news is that they started all over again without procrastination, without trying to blame anyone for the incident, they started all over again, not because they are strong but because they accepted responsibility. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step in overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.

Your dreams may be shattered, vision may fail, but what is most important is to take responsibility. Stop trying to find fault in other people for your turmoil, just take responsibility.

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Great people don’t cry, great people don’t give up, great people live up, no matter the circumstances. Great people don’t go through difficulties, great people grow through difficulties. Plans may be scattered and shattered, dreams may fail away, often at times this is what life does to us, everybody has difficulties in different ways.

We all have challenges in a different way but what really makes the difference is the response we give to those challenges and difficulties, It is only our response to those issues that matter and tell if they will go or remain. It is never too late for you to do it again, it will only be late if you fail to take responsibility and start over again.

Thomas Edison only sees his burnt factory as an opportunity for him to correct all his errors and to perfect all his mistakes by starting over again. Only two people are not permitted to start all over again. First person, are those that fear critics, those that afraid of making mistake, they are the ones that quit at halfway. They always find excuses for their starting over again, they always feel what will people say.

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Starting Over Again: A Great Lesson From Thomas Edison | By Adeniyi Ademola

Also, they always base on the motive of others, they always shift the blame on people for their errors. They don’t accept mistakes and they don’t take responsibility for their life. They always feel like maybe that is the way God wanted it to be, let me tell you this, it’s a lie. God did not want it to be like that for you. It’s because you are too lazy to stand up and fight back, you choose to be the way you are because of the fear of criticism and failure. Your laziness and unwillingness to take responsibility.

So, I dare you to raise up and fight back, if you don’t, nobody will fight for you. It’s not too late, the time has not gone, stop saying at my age, what is your age? Consider Thomas Edison, had it been he hide under the umbrella of his age then, maybe he would have been forgotten. There won’t be a remembrance of him as a hero. Considered the old man that started all over again at the age of 67 years.

Never retired but rather refire. Wake up and stop blaming people for your actions. Take responsibility now and start all over again. It’s another chance, a better opportunity of doing it perfectly right than before. What you have to do is to learn from your previous errors and work on improvement. Sleeping failure wake up, stop fearing losing again, you can only conquer your fear by starting all over again. Don’t be afraid to start all over again, this time you are not starting from scratch you are starting with experience. 

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The second person is, the dead. Only the dead are not permitted to start all over again because in the world of the dead there is no what will call change and time. So, only the dead can and will never start over again. But rightly on this planet earth, there are lots of chances to start again, only if you want to live like a dead, that is when you won’t start again if you fall. Never give up but rather gives it all it takes to live up.

How can I start all over again?

  • See challenges as opportunities.
  • Accept problems as part of life.
  • Make a choice to start all over again.

The truth is everybody wants to be successful. The problem is, most of us don’t have the courage to attain success. A champion is someone who stands when people know he can’t. There are no obstacles too great for you to override, no mountain range that you can’t cross to reach the other side. Only the brave achieve great things and only those that take responsibility. Therefore, go and seek your goal by starting over again. You cannot miss the dream you seek if you just play your role and take responsibility for yourself. 

Final thought

  • The ability to start all over again is the power to fight back. 
  • The ability to start all over again is the power to regain strength.
  • If you fail to start all over again your dreams are not genuine.
  • If you feel defeated, think of the power of will and start all over again
  • Only those with the tenacity to start all over again will rule the world.
  • If you haven’t failed at all, your success is questionable..
  • Think of the power of will, the ability to do all things at all cost, it will help you to start all over again
  • Tell yourself I will.
  • The power of will provokes inner strength to start all over again.
  • Never give up on your dream, it worth fighting for, by starting over again.
  • It’s never too late, if only you can stand up and start over again…

I hope starting over again did not get us broken, rather inspire us. Starting over again only gives room for opportunity, privilege and chance to do what has been done in a better way, in a modern way and perfect way that it’s should be done. Also remember, you are not starting  from scratch, you are starting with experience 


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