8 Strategies to Make A Fortune From 2019 Elections

8 Strategies to Make A Fortune From 2019 Elections By Lovemore Leonard

At Transcorp Hilton lounge Abuja, I thoroughly listened to Mr Pat Ike, the Ex secondary school teacher whose net-worth leapt from N50,000 to over N35m during last elections.

I got pricked when I learnt an estimated 2 trillion naira circulates Nigeria during an election and with all the financial skills I haven’t netted any.

The reason some of us cannot break our financial status quo is our inability to intelligently explore opportunities, not “village people” – allow them to rest.

In the next few mins, I’ll try my best to share different practical ways to get involved in the billion dollar industry.


“My name is JohnMark Ogidi a leader amongst youths in Obio Akpo local government. Sir, you look visionary and I would be delighted to deliver the vote of majority youths in Obio Akpo. Just direct me to your campaign manager so we begin execution.” ‘Auto sense’ coming from a six years jobless graduate.

In the short run, JohnMark got 7 figure logistics cash to mobilise his youths and in long run became an aide to the Senator.

Why not offer to deliver the votes of your co-workers, campus, or worship assembly? Reach out to people with vision, pick one nice association name, brand the group and go shoot your shot.


Write a critique outlining the flaws in a politician’s online campaign and volunteer to come to solve it.

Common flaws are; Non-captivating contents on social media, poor/few campaign graphics, low traffic, non-interactive pages/handles, no website (not even a free WordPress/blogger website), etc.

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This is the exact strategy Pat Ike used in getting a financial quantum leap in 2015 elections.

He acquired the phone number database of all PVC holders from previous elections and decided to sell to as many campaign team as he could lay his hands on. Newsflash, it has also earned him 8 figures.

That’s a major reason I also acquired all 75m+ PVC holders phone numbers categorized into States and LGAs. And I’m already reselling!


A friend I sold the 75m+ phone database did something smart which I would emulate.

Instead of stressing his brains on how to sell to campaign teams, he just offered to give them for free on the condition they buy bulk SMS units from his reseller account.

He gets about N1 for every SMS unit, and you all know the number of SMS politicians sends during election seasons. Do the math.


By souvenirs I mean campaign T-shirts, umbrella design, bags etc. Getting this contracts is not usually easy, so you’ve to be strategic.

Make one or two samples, present it to the politician on behalf of “Campaign Media Association” of your state/LGA. Then, declare that all souvenir contracts from him would be heavily discounted. Those tactics work like magic to make a fortune.


An ancient strategy for smart businessmen – even Dangote uses this.

It involves picking the two best candidates likely to win, then donating a good sum of money to their campaign with elite negotiations.

When any of them wins, you get huge contracts in your field of business.

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Imagine the amount of profit you’ll generate if you sell PDP/APC flags, stickers or snacks on a rally ground. Any quick-buyable product would definitely be sold out!


This is a bit expensive but definitely worth it.

You pay for airing time on the radio station, a column in a newspaper or host time on a television channel and interview politicians for a fee. They would do anything to gain positive publicity.

The only reason you won’t make a fortune in this election season isn’t knowledge – I just gave you that – but your actions! You will make a fortune.

Lovemore Leonard #CoachLovemore

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