Sycophancy of the Elites – Hope in the Mire | By Ajilore Ayodeji

The sycophancy of the Elites – Hope in the Mire | By Ajilore Ayodeji Elias

It’s been a long journey, it might have been tedious, rigorous and strenuous as well. However, I am excited the Revolution is getting closer than before.

So many may lose their lives or be incarcerated. It is also noteworthy that some will laugh these people to scorn and make joy off their plights. In all of these, we are standing solidly behind everyone, who is committed to a new Nigeria.

I have seen a lot of instances, where people who should be cautious and proactive are taking sides with the oppressors. In the Word of Comrade Aisha Yesufu-: “We either stop this non-challant and have a bloodless revolution or expose the nation to tyranny in a case of a bloody revolution, Which apparently is not far away“.

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Put Succinctly, Nigeria is on a time bomb and the whims and caprices are a pointer, that we are sitting on a keg of gunpowder, with lighted Cigarette between our fingers.

We now run a country, where there are no intelligent people in government. The elites seem not to see anything wrong in this and that is the most ridiculous part of it all.

We have people who now justify mediocrity, on the basis of Peanuts, religion and party affiliations. They do not in any way understand the plurality of ideas and they all wasted the few available slots to go to school, at the expense of people who would have utilised the opportunities better.

God bless Nigeria.

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