The gift of a man maketh a way for him.

Talent is often overrated or misunderstood, EDOUARD PAILLERON a French poet posits that “Have success and they will be fools to say that you have talents. When people achieve great things, others often attribute everything to talent.

Many companies hire dozens of degree/Ph.D. holders from top institutions, reward them lavishly and never accurately asses their performance. If talent were enough then the more influential people would always be the most talented once.

As I earlier stated, I don’t mean to minimize the importance of talent because talent is a God-given gift that should be celebrated. When we observe talented people, we should marvel at their giftedness. Recognize their contribution to society (when you observe talented people, you should note their impact. We should separate what they do from who they are (talents for talent sake is a bauble and a show).

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Talent separates you from your pack, it gives you a head start from others, natural talent is one of life greatest gift, but the advantage it gives last only a short time. Also, talents allow you to stand high above others but the wrong choice makes you sit down. Talents give you the opportunity but the wrong choice shut the door.

Talent is given but you must earn success.


I just want you to steer yourself in the right direction and make the right choice that will empower you to become a talent-plus person. Build upon the foundation of your abilities and live your life to it’s fullest potential.


Think about it



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