DAY 11: Change The Old Mentality; Your Talents vs Education

DAY 11: Change The Old Mentality; Your Talents vs Education

“When there is a conflict between your talents and course studied (education), find a correlation, if there isn’t choose wisely.” – Saminu Abass Ola

In the yesterday’s post, I discussed the essence of discovering your talents for a better life. It is just not discovering your talents but also capitalizes on it.

Also, I highlighted some steps on how you can discover your talents if you are a type that doesn’t know how to.

Today, I will share my view on the courses we study in school and our natural endowments. In a wrong or failed system, there would surely be a mismatch of almost everything. Many fortunes have been wasted as a result of the failed country or wrong orientation.

I realized many people could have been successful or have a comfortable life if they have thought and analyzed the conflict between the course they studied in school and the talents they have.

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It is only in Nigeria we are forced to good to school, I don’t blame our parents they want good for us. Also, this country is carved under formal education. In some developed countries, when a talent is seen in a kid they plan on getting the kid the right education to improve and build the talent. In my country, the reverse is the case.

It is never our mistakes it is what I will call a way of living as a Nigerian. As you move further, many in secondary school will be determined to study Accounting but will end up in International Relations or Local Government. Some will want to study Medicine will end up in Biology, Geology, Family Nutrition etc.

Many get frustrated when they land in another department, they will do their best to pass exams, graduate and care less about knowledge in the field.

In addition, there are people who got what they wanted. You wanted to study Economics, Law, Engineering etc and you got it. In as much as you are in the decaying educational system, you get less knowledge and fight for the grades.

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Now, it is time to analyze your life, what is your talent? Do your talents correlate with the course you are studying or studied? Can you integrate the two together?

Taking myself as an example, I studied Accounting, I love Finance and I have passions for Content Management (Writing and Publishing), Calculating, to state few. I realized my talents or passion can be integrated into my field. Though I love writing motivational and inspirational pieces, however, I believe I can start writing on finance, economics, and other related areas of my field.

Though there are many people who are in the mismatch saga. The course they are studying or studied is at war with their passion. You studied architect and your passion is drumming, there is a problem somewhere. Well, if you can manage it no problem.

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My point is if there is a conflict between your course studied and talents choose wisely. You need to choose the one that gives you happiness and freedom. What is the essence of being a graduate of Biology Education or Physics and you can’t find a placement after graduating?

Get me right, it is advisable to integrate if it is possible. If it can’t, it is high time you decided on what makes you happy.

Choose the path you will be glad you chose. Choose the one that makes you live a fulfilled life.

To be continued…