Nigeria's democracy and Technology

Today, Nigeria is celebrating twenty years of uninterrupted democratic government.
Truth be told, as a country, we have had challenges that have got to do with administration, corruption and the Nigerian Economy.

Successive government has strived very hard to retain the system of democracy. Amidst cry of a clampdown by the government, harassment by security forces, corruption, and maladministration.

Today, I look back deeply at the various innovations that can strengthen Nigeria as a country if Technology were to be adequately employed.

Many a time, there have been issues of security personnel clamping down on innocent Nigerians with arbitrary use of guns and other firearms. This can conveniently also be tackled if we have a working system of Information Communication Technology.

Security monitors and cameras can be attached to various areas in strategic locations of the country. Policemen should have monitoring cameras that read their activities and makes them understand that they are monitored fully.

Every advanced country with a serious network of Technology use curbs criminality to the barest minimum, Nigeria can do same.

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Nigeria's democracy and Technology

Technology can help to create jobs fully in the country. It is when people have a source of living that they can conveniently say they are benefitting from a Democratic Dispensation. We cannot boast as a country reaping the benefits of democratic when the right to life of people through survival cannot be guaranteed. The country should see Technology as a way to curb the huge dilemma created by the lack of Jobs. Also, innovations should be encouraged through Technology and Information Technology.

The National Information Technology Development Agency and the Ministry of Communication should be encouraged more to spread the use of Technology innovations. Universities and other higher institutions should also be encouraged to do the same through their syllabuses and curriculum.

Corruption in all forms can be fought through Technology. Electoral corruption that has threatened to reduce the impact of democracy can be nipped in the bud through Technology measures.eli

Governance can be made easier if it becomes more digital and monitored. The need to encourage Technology in Nigeria is as important as the need to encourage Democracy in the country.

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Technology and Nigeria democracy

Young Nigerians should be empowered to learn various Technology and Information Technology skills. Other African countries should not be enjoying democracy better than us because they have now made Technology and Information Technology a mainstay.

As the Country celebrates democracy today, we should also make a constant effort towards advanced use of Technology and Information Technology in the Country.

Nigeria remains a great country should we continually encourage more innovations and advancement in the country.


Olanrewaju Oyedeji is the Creative Director
Nigerian Technology Market

He can be reached via [email protected]

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