DAY 9: Change The Old Mentality; Tertiary Institutions vs Innovation

“The universities (tertiary institutions) are producing products that are not matching the needs of the industries.” – Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwukah

“The advanced factors of this country are not priorities, therefore, Nigeria will never grow.”Saminu Abass Ola

No surprise from the statement of the Minister of State of Education, what he said is a naked truth. I said it in the yesterday’s piece that no more impacting of knowledge in our tertiary institutions. We are all reading to pass the examinations. The best you see did ‘self-reading’.

From the statement of the minister above, it is a slap in the face of our tertiary institutions. It shows we only have pseudo doctors and professors in our educational sector. The statement says our lecturers are teaching nonsense and they have no value at their various offices.

However, I would disagree with the one year programme proposed by the minister for all graduates before the NYSC. What would be the essence of the one year if same unemployable products are given by the institutions?

The best solution is to restructure the system in its totality. Many industries see Nigeria graduates as not worthy of being offered a job because the system is not giving them what they want. Who is to blame? The government or the graduates?

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Of course, the government takes the blame share because it is saddled with the responsibility. In as much as nothing is done to the education system (tertiary institutions), we would continue to have same products the industries call unemployable.

No industries locally can’t compete at the international level if the atmosphere is not conducive. Industries need skilled labour force, infrastructure and technological resource to compete. Our government is also not giving room for that.

According to Michael Porter, he said no local industry would succeed at the international level or have a national supremacy without “innovation”.

The ability to innovate makes you above or have the advantage over others. Nigeria is lagging behind in all aspects and has no the capacity to compete they lack technological resources, no infrastructure, poor inadequate labour force and mismanaging of the inherited resources.

Therefore, it is important for youth to realize the government has no plan for your life. Many youths depend on the government to do this or that. It is high time we changed the mentality.

Be creative.
Be innovative.
Think of what you can do to be different in life.

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Every human being is blessed with something. God gave you hidden talents you need to discover. Find yourself, discover the talents and make your name known to the world.

Nigerian youths are intelligent, we are not just blessed with leaders to help our situations.

To be continued…


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